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  1. F

    Hiring: Fox ears and tail for a friend? (No longer needed - delete this post)

    I have a friend who us having a hard time setting up a FA account, so I said I'd help him with this request - I have no experience, otherwise he'd have them already. His requests: Fox ears (headband) A fox tail that can be clipped to his pants (he wears basketball shorts, sweat shorts, blue...
  2. Tanukin

    Can I just wear ears and a tail?

    Hi! I'm new in the furry community, and I don't really want to wear a full fursuit. Can I just wear ears and a tail?
  3. SlyRiolu


    I've noticed a few things while having a kangaroo as my fursona one, we will usually go for natural colors, two, we have AMAZING taste in species and three, some people just have ears that are different from the original. You have me with these ears, you have Pocari, you have Kenga from Winnie...
  4. KushFox


    Alright, fursuit makers. I'm new at asking for help about fursuit parts and commissions, so I need help. I am looking to have high-quality fox ears made that are preferably invisible banded or clip-on; and light up. I would like a specific design that I can map out for you were you to be...
  5. sanssoucistudios

    Thoughts on ears... not flapping

    Plugging along on my second head. One of my big goals this time is to improve the ears from my last head... specifically, not flapping when I did not want them to. I've written this blog post on my efforts so far: www.sanssoucistudios.com: Making ear patterns for a fursuit wolf head I think I...
  6. DumbDeerGurl

    I need help making the ears

    Today I tried constructing some ears for my first fursuit head, I tried this technique:. I completely messed and now I have to start over. Are there any other ways to make the ears? If anyone can find something that's a little bit easier for me to understand. That would be most helpful.
  7. Steriiyo

    Matrices Foam Tutorial>Help

    Hello! I got foam and I'm making the foam base for my fursuit head. I'm having trouble understanding how to do this part: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Here is the link for the tutorial...