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eastern dragon

  1. SculptingBear

    (Other) Selling: Fluffy Eastern Dragon ($50 USD OBO)

    A fuzzy eastern dragon. They're blue and bronze, with blue and white nylon cord. He's approximately 23cm long, made of sculpey clay and painted with acrylics. Shipping is included in price! Price is not firm! Please contact me with any offers!
  2. CopperxCalico

    Made a new dragon babe ~

    I've wanted an eastern dragon OC for quite some time now so I finally made one!! This is Valentina, she hoards fluffy stuffed animals and boy band CDs and is just an adorable big tall dragon lady
  3. ash♤Feliz

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Eastern dragon For Sale

    so I found this awesome base of an eastern dragon and I find it pretty fun thinking of color palettes for it but I don't really want to simply throw away. So I decided to sell them then I make them. Right now I got two for sale for $ 20. I also thought of if anyone wants one with a certain color...
  4. Twiphase3468

    Wyrm OTA still Open

    OC name : Jing Gulong Species: Wyrm (aka eastern dragons) Gender: Male Image: Will be accepting any offers higher than $60 Offer higher han $90, then I’ll include a front/ back view ref Best example: Either reply here, comment via link below, or PM me if you’re interested. (^w^)...
  5. Twiphase3468

    Half A Dozen OTAs Still OPEN!!! Need $ b4 end of Thursday.

    I currently have around half a dozen OTAs still Open. If you are interested, please click link below. Artwork Gallery for Twiphase3468 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Examples are but not limited to the following below