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  1. phantomboo

    (Other) Selling: Sensitivity Reader Services

    I'm selling my sensitivity reading services for a wide range of prices, depending on what you want read over & how much critique you're looking for. Character Package (includes feedback on description, headcanons & backstory): $5 (Basic) – $7 (Detailed) Story Package (includes feedback on blurb...
  2. B

    Question about someone editing artwork they commissioned from you

    So someone commissions an artist for a custom adopt or art of their character. There are certain markings they don't like on the custom that they want to change a little. One of the hands is backwards on the art of their character so they want to edit it to be the right way. Very small edits...
  3. Gangsta Fox

    Sony vegas help

    So I use Sony vegas to make very haha funny videos you see? Well now I have 2 drives. C drive and D drive. Is it possible to install the other drive? For free? Or do I have to re-register for a product I already own?
  4. Wynst Draws

    Various types of art for free, design, illustration, writing

    Hello, I am trying to increase my exposure on FA (and to a lesser extent DA) so I am looking to take up some free requests. My hope is that I can eventually begin to sell my services once I have a strong enough portfolio and an increase in skill. I am a Graphic Designer by education so I possess...
  5. M

    [Editing] Free Digital Touch-ups, Modifications - Limited

    Hello! I'm offering a small, but free range of services to a limited number of users (starting off with 5 requests, possibly more depending on the amount of work required) Things I can do: Re-colors (partial or complete) Color correction/Lighting correction (let me know what's bothering you...
  6. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    Editing Literature for $10.00 Flat! :D

    Currently Accepting Edit Commissions from New Customers! $10.00 USD via PayPal will get you a cleanly edited written piece of your choosing! • If you would like a previous commission edited that was written by a different commissioner, please provide written/screen-capped permission stating...
  7. reptile logic

    Audio recording/editing software suggestions?

    To be honest, though I'm sure that this subject has been brought up before, I didn't look very hard to find this information in another thread. Recently I have been reading my book to a blind friend. He suggested that I record my reading and sell it as I have been selling the novel. I have also...
  8. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    [SOLVED] I'm an idiot - please delete XD Found it....

    I don't see an option do to this ANYWHERE on FurAffinity... Not sure if this should be labeled a "problem", but I don't see a "Help" prefix anywhere so.... help? ^_^; Thanks guys! Stay fluffy <3
  9. ArielMT

    [SOLVED] Unable to edit forum posts

    Since the new forums went online, I am unable to edit any of my posts. It does not matter whether I posted it years ago or seconds ago; there's no edit feature accessible. OS: FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p10. Browser: Firefox 44.0.1.
  10. T

    Furry Story Editing Services- Your Stories, Better, for Cheap!

    Howdy, writers! Tired of grammar nazis always dinging your stories on technicalities? Upset that your characters aren’t coming across as distinct and unique as you meant? Got a wonderful idea for an erotic/fetish scene but just can’t seem to fill in all the plot holes? Then have I got a deal...