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egg adopt

  1. Legbascrossroad

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Dutch Angel Dragon Egg Adopts| $5-$25

    Egg Adopts!! $5 gets you the egg and front view of your hatchling. If you like your hatchling you can choose to upgrade to a full reference sheet (Front, back, egg, mid-hatch, and Name/Likes/Dislikes) for another $7 ($12 total) or a full hatchling sheet AND a full adult sheet for an extra $20...
  2. nubilum93

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: (2/2 OPEN) Mystery Eggs Adopts - Auction (SB $80)

    Upd. 12-11-19 New batch: SB: $80 MI: $10 AB: $180 ~ The more you pay, the more you get ~ If AB - You will get a reference sheet! I will also draw a Headshot, a paw, an eye and a color palette. Extra: + $70 cub form (separate high-resolution drawing) Auction ends 72h after last bid -->...
  3. Captain-Reindeer

    Free Art: Free Eggy raffle!

    Hey guys <3 so i've always loved the idea of 'adopt an egg and it'll hatch' so i made my own egg! It's a freebie up for grabs; doing a raffle to pick who it goes to! pop over to its listing on my fa account and enter the draw! <3
  4. MoebiousII

    [OPEN]Snektember egg adopts Last one on discount!

    Rattlesnake is waiting for a forever home before the end of the month :( Be sure of reading the how to before claim! Terms!( or How to) 1. Only paypal by the moment 2. Once purchased you will recibe: a fullsize png image of her and her egg and 1200px wide jpg pic for web purposes 3. You can...
  5. VanillaDrachenherz

    Mystery Eggs Adopt [OPEN]

    Every Egg contains a Digimon-like creature. You can choose if humanoid or furry (& gender of course.) if you win. SB: 8$ When you win, you will get the Egg in full size, your creature, a color sheet & a little biography sheet you can fill out if you like. Also, after you got your egg and...
  6. redbettabirb

    Reds Egg adopt Hatchery! [5 eggs Currently Open]

    Hi there! I'll be posting egg adopts in this thread, so follow or comment if you're interested! ^ u^ Feel free to contact about customs, commissions or other offers! Currently Open: FA Link: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/23260154/ Note, please read: • These are Egg adopts, I will...
  7. oh-sehet

    Check out my recent entries? :D

    Hello!! ^^ I usually go by ghostbbones but here i use an old name oh-sehet. I'm kind of new here, and I say kind of because i've been here since jan 2015 and pretty inactive since then XDDD so i've just returned and back for good :D MY FA + MY PATREON + MY TUMBLR + MY NSFW BLOG Check out...
  8. oh-sehet

    RARE EGG Galaxy Mask Auction (ENDS:1 week)

    SB: $20 (BID INCREASE: $5 USD) AB: TBD HB: NONE YET ENDS WITHIN: October. 6, 2016 TO BID CLICK HERE FINISHED VERS WILL LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS(except more detailed because these are regular eggs and this one is a RARE AUCTION EGG!! ^^ not set price like these: Process: . I will message...
  9. theodrekr

    Adoptable Mustang Mare Auction + Eggs sale Ends Today

    Adoptable Red Roan Mustang Mare: Anthro, Feral, Close up, color pallete, Changes permitted! NSFW Ends Today! SB$50 www.furaffinity.net: Red Roan Mustang Mare by theodrekr Eggs Custom or Artist Choice Discount Sale: $20 each sfw or NSFW www.furaffinity.net: Discount batch 3 by theodrekr...
  10. DragonLolita

    Check out my cheap Egg adopt!

    my egg adopt has 6 eggs left!! Prices range form $1-$3, and I am willing to trade or haggle!! www.furaffinity.net: Cheap Valoirn Egg Adopt by DragonLolita www.furaffinity.net: Cheap Valoirn Egg Adopt by DragonLolita These little guys need to go to a good home! :3
  11. DragonLolita

    Cheap Valoirn Egg Adopt

    Valoirn is a closed species by me for info and the adopt go to www.furaffinity.net: Cheap Valoirn Egg Adopt by DragonLolita
  12. DragonLolita

    Egg Adopt for my closed species :3

    hey yall, I don't really have any watchers, but I put a lot of work into my closed species, the Valoirns. I made an egg adopt showcasing the 3 types of them, and all specifically males. check it out! www.furaffinity.net: Egg Adopt for Valoirns! by DragonLolita also, how would you suggest...