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  1. KestrelOwl

    GorgoN ChambeR X: Grim Genesis (ZodiA WavE Part 1) (A Furry Cosmic Horror Shonen)

    Released the first episode yesterday! Set to release new major episodes monthly, but I plan on posting little bonus episodes to expand the story and world weekly. Any and all support is appreciated at the start of the comic's run, plan on making this my main gig now. Hope you EnjoY ThE ShoW!
  2. A

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) HQ Commissions open for interesting OC's

    Hi! I'm Vera and moved out this month, and as I don't have a job yet, I figured I'd do some commissions to get some groceries ^^ I am not that interested in drawing normal human/canine OC's, but would be very interested in more Eldrich / Alien looking OC's, or just any interesting species!! Of...