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  1. HerrForehead

    Request: Anyone wanna try their hand at my elephant girl? :)

    Hey all, I got this character drawn a while ago and sort of kinda spent all my commission money on it. So for the time being, I'd love to see if anyone would be willing to take up a request of this character! Anything is appreciated! NSFW is okay, too! :) The reference is here: Here's the...
  2. Maileksa

    [Adopts/anthro OCs] Maileksa-shop [$15-$30]

    So I always have only few available at the time :) Prices range from $15 to $30 (can change with time) Cute dog [Gynesexual Flag Inspo] Fixed price : $20 Aussie Dog [DemiGirl Flag inspo] Fixed price : $15 Spitz Dog [Lesbian flag inspo] Fixed price : $15 Dragon [Coral snake inspo] Fixed price...
  3. PC Master Race

    Cosmos in Helluva Boss / Hazbin Hotel ?

    Original counterpart : https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/cosmos-the-restorer.1671283/ NAME : Cosmos SPECIES : demonic beast (unofficial ; same rank as imps and hell hounds) ORIGIN : hell-born RELATIVES : Sol (adopted younger brother) / Galaxy and Neio (adopted kids) NICKNAMES : Bro (by...
  4. PC Master Race

    Cosmos the restorer

    Basically I'm making a new thread with things cleaned-up and not an absolute mess. All the details are in spoilers so the page won't be cramped with texts, and all arts of him (including new ones) are in this first post. NAME : Cosmos SPECIES : mammoth-minotaur BODY BUILD : 8' Check out my...
  5. PC Master Race

    My sona, Tonik

    Feedbacks are appreciated. Name : Jin Race : chimera (mammoth-minotaur, with 9 snake tails) Gender : male Body build : extremely bulky and heavy, 670cm / 22' (not counting his hunched back or horns) ; 3,025 kg / 6,670 lbs Notable features : golden-yellow horns, tusks and hooves), with a faint...
  6. Doodle Bunny

    Thinking about a tertiary sona

    I have two sonas so far. Doodles (main) represents my hard working artistic side and my desire to be tougher mentally. Squarkle (secondary) sorta represents my love of cute things and how excitable I can get. However, there’s one huge aspect of myself that is not being represented. My spooky...
  7. Kyoukiaoitatsu

    YCH interest check

    Hello all I'm not 100% sure where I should put this. I'm working with an up and coming artist CelestBrook who I am helping to gain some exposure. She will be doing a feature of my character in her next YCH. And we would like to judge interest in it before going ahead with it. It will only be...
  8. C

    Commission Picture

    www.furaffinity.net: Playing with Planets by Crazydaisy This was a commission pic. So tell me what you guys think?