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  1. dragonnetstorm

    Question about advertisement on FA: how long should replies take?

    I've been wanting to advertise on FA for quite a while, and finally gobbled the courage together to do so, so sent an email to the official advertisement email adres. This was a week ago. Site mentions to leave at least 3 working days. I sent the banner itself in the mail, mentioned where it...
  2. C

    New Member conformaton email

    How long does it take to get a conformation email once you sign up to be able to log in??
  3. Gangsta Fox

    Login/Password Problems: I cannot log into my FurAffinity account.

    Since the mass password change of 2016 happened for some apparent reason. I am no longer able to go into FA. Why? Because I have a DEAD email account. The email address of Redfoxbenn@verizon.net is gone. I had it since I was 15, but then I used Gmail instead for it was far faster. Now i would...
  4. TungstenTheWolf

    who here actualy got help with the email/password situation

    Just wondering if the staff is actually responding to the emails sent to accounts@furaffinity.net
  5. Kuzooma1

    [SOLVED] Need Access To my Account On FA

    I realize that I have a long line ahead of me but I might as well take a seat and wait for my number. With that said, here the problem. I tried typing the email address I use for my primary address but the site says it dose not registered in it data bank, even my secondary email account and...
  6. I

    Lost Account?

    I can no longer access my account, I tried resetting with the forced p/w reset and none of my emails match the account, I tried emailing admin@furaffinity.net and that email doesn't exist.....for Christ's sake..... My account is icytux, and I'm not making another one on the Fa site just so I...
  7. kire89

    [SOLVED] Forgotten Password + email no longer exists

    Hello, my FA account is kire89. I believe the email account that was connected to my FA was a hotmail account that was deleted whenever outlook took over for hotmail. I rarely used the account and never needed to reset my password because I left myself logged in to FA on my computer. Now...