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emergency commission

  1. Fairytale5353


    I do furries odiously my commission sheat just dosen't have any to show for examples if you wanna see examples visit my FA Userpage of Fairytale5353 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  2. A

    OPEN one fullbody drawing semirealistic 50 usd

    soo i have one slot open for commission 50 usd with simple background, fullbody semirealistic i accept all kind of furry or non furry i don't draw mecha
  3. DandyBison

    OPEN $5 - $15 Emergency Commissions!

    Been out of a job a while and really need some money to pay bills / rent. I have been applying to jobs but not getting much back. Not to mention I found a frog friend on a potted plant and am trying to take care of the little guy in a tank ( it's too cold to put him outside :'V ) feel free to...
  4. FloofyKitty

    Emergency Commissions

    Userpage of FloofyKitty -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Hello everyone, this is my first time on a forum like this so please bare with me but I am very low on funds and I am a few weeks behind on my dorm rent, I really really need some money right now to pay this off before December hit's so I'm...
  5. peachbreezy

    ₊✩₊Vector-Style Commissions OPEN <3₊✩₊

    ₊✩₊˚Peach✩Breezy˚₊✩₊ COMMISSIONS OPEN Hi!! I'm Peach! She/Her Pronouns!! I'm a professional artist and animator, currently accepting a limited number of Venmo and Paypal illustration commissions! I'm opening to commissions to help pay for my mother's medical bills and medicine. It will also go...
  6. Gerooart

    Emergency comissions!!

    hello! im open emergency comissions! i do chibis and normal style also human/furry/pony too if you want nsfw pm me for examples! chibis for 12$ half basic color 5.50$ fullbody basic color 8.50$ Headshot full color 5.50$ half full color 11.50$ weist 15.50$ fullbody 21$ REFERENCE SHEET...
  7. divinedust

    NSFW furry / human commissions ( $25 - $30 )

    Hi! I really need some money fast, so i have a couple slots for these open. I'm in a bit of an emergency. Price will be depending on complexity. For two characters, price will be doubled. NSFW LINKS: EXAMPLE ONE - EXAMPLE TWO Please DM me if you're interested! Will NOT draw: - extra...
  8. mun0u

    Anthro n Chibi Commissions - OPEN!!!

    hi im mun and i need to pay for sports gear so please please help me out fullbodies are $20 chibis are between $15 pixels are $10+ depending if u want pixel sets im willing to do deals as well like 5 fullbodies for $50 rules dont rush me!!!i only work on weekeneds so asking on weekdays...
  9. wumblebum

    Emergency Commissions! (NSFW, SFW, anthro, human, etc.)

    At the moment I really need to raise funds as I'm being forcibly removed from my family home. I'll need to get as much money together as possible by the end of this month. Without venting too much I'm living as a mentally ill queer person in a very non-understanding household and my abusers...
  10. BunnyMouseFox

    Emergency Commissions

    Hey! Tuition is expensive and I need food! The food in the cafeteria is included in tuition, but it doesn't sit well with my stomach :( I'm sorry but I'm going to promo this everywhere. Examples at the very bottom of this post! $15(Rendered) $8(Sketch) Pay via paypal only, I will send you an...
  11. F

    selling Cartoony commissions!

    Hey! Here's my commission sheet! I'd super appreciate it if anyone could help! Below are the conditions! Thank you for your time cx - I charge $20 per extra character. - I will get it in 2 weeks to a month! If I absolutely can't do it I will refund you. I'll keep you updated regardless unless...
  12. Jellybeanlies-Studios

    August commissions are open

    August commission are OPEN! TOS If you have any questions, please feel free to note me. 10 slots open for now. I am starting up out of stream commissions again. All you have to do is note me the form below filled out, and I will give you the payment details via a reply along with an...
  13. chazzforte

    artist looking for work

    hello! i'm a digital artist looking for work at the moment to get a car and i'm free to doing anything! If you're interested, feel free to message me or email me at ricky9006@gmail.com and we can discuss prices. also if you want some examples of my work, check out my tumblr...
  14. alien-hunk

    Emergency Commissions

    You can donate to my ko-fi here. You can see examples of my art here. All of these will be full colored pictures Prices: Icons: 5 USD Bust: 10 USD Half body: 15 USD Full body: 20 USD Ref Sheet: 25 USD Additional Characters: + 4 USD Telegram Sticker Pack (10 Stickers): 30 USD
  15. M

    Sketch commissions!![Open]

    Hi there!! I'm really really low on funds this month and I have rent due soon. :')) Opening up a few slots for sketch commissions like the one below. :'D I'm thinking about starting at the min of $5 and letting y'all decide how much you wish to pay. Please provide a ref for me! I specialize in...