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emergency commissions

  1. FloofyKitty

    Emergency Commissions

    Userpage of FloofyKitty -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Hello everyone, this is my first time on a forum like this so please bare with me but I am very low on funds and I am a few weeks behind on my dorm rent, I really really need some money right now to pay this off before December hit's so I'm...
  2. divinedust

    NSFW furry / human commissions ( $25 - $30 )

    Hi! I really need some money fast, so i have a couple slots for these open. I'm in a bit of an emergency. Price will be depending on complexity. For two characters, price will be doubled. NSFW LINKS: EXAMPLE ONE - EXAMPLE TWO Please DM me if you're interested! Will NOT draw: - extra...
  3. glitchology

    Emergency Commissions!

    EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS Explanation under everything, so if you don't care, the details of the work are here: I'm opening up HEADSHOT/ICON and CHARACTER COMISSIONS! They will be digital flat color with traditionally done line work. Any species welcome, but keep it PG-13. (Don't mind suggestive...
  4. BunnyMouseFox

    Emergency Commissions

    Hey! Tuition is expensive and I need food! The food in the cafeteria is included in tuition, but it doesn't sit well with my stomach :( I'm sorry but I'm going to promo this everywhere. Examples at the very bottom of this post! $15(Rendered) $8(Sketch) Pay via paypal only, I will send you an...