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  1. Fairytale5353


    I do furries odiously my commission sheat just dosen't have any to show for examples if you wanna see examples visit my FA Userpage of Fairytale5353 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  2. DandyBison

    OPEN $5 - $15 Emergency Commissions!

    Been out of a job a while and really need some money to pay bills / rent. I have been applying to jobs but not getting much back. Not to mention I found a frog friend on a potted plant and am trying to take care of the little guy in a tank ( it's too cold to put him outside :'V ) feel free to...
  3. nunyakibby

    Urgent: Friend at Risk of Getting Kicked Out.

    I’m really unsure where to put this and forgive me for such an urgent post but, my friend has been struggling as of late due to being kicked out of their old home in NY. Bare with me for the long story. I offered to let them stay with my relatives in Baltimore, MD for a while but that is...
  4. FloofyKitty

    Emergency Commissions

    Userpage of FloofyKitty -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Hello everyone, this is my first time on a forum like this so please bare with me but I am very low on funds and I am a few weeks behind on my dorm rent, I really really need some money right now to pay this off before December hit's so I'm...
  5. XristiEno

    Emergency Commissions open and YCH Comic Auction going on.

    Greetings. Looking to get some commissioners in my Queue list. Things in RL gone and flipped themselves on their heads. so scrambling to make headway. Car died, had to get a new one and been on Medical leave by workers comp. Price range on commissions can be read >>here.<< Also same link...
  6. Macrofurry_Writer

    Selling story slots!

    I'm now selling at most two slots for a story commission as I need funds for rent, phone and food for the month urgently. My prices start at 40 USD for the pair of slots or 80 for those willing to pay it. If interested please reply here or on my Telegram @MacroFurry
  7. ewemoji

    In need of Help

    I dont know if this is the place to put this or if theres a place for it at all, but I have an emergency. Feel free to ask me for more information or anything. I moved states and got a really nice paying job, only for that business to down size a month later. Ive been without a job sincefeb and...
  8. Neha_Sonakshi

    Emergency Commissions

    We need help. Long story short, especially if you don't already know what's going on, Pops is terminal and therefore can't work. Yes we are getting a little bit of help, but not enough and they are dragging their feet on it. I'm the only one working right now; mom does, but has been staying...
  9. BunnyMouseFox

    Emergency Commissions

    Hey! Tuition is expensive and I need food! The food in the cafeteria is included in tuition, but it doesn't sit well with my stomach :( I'm sorry but I'm going to promo this everywhere. Examples at the very bottom of this post! $15(Rendered) $8(Sketch) Pay via paypal only, I will send you an...
  10. alien-hunk

    Emergency Commissions

    You can donate to my ko-fi here. You can see examples of my art here. All of these will be full colored pictures Prices: Icons: 5 USD Bust: 10 USD Half body: 15 USD Full body: 20 USD Ref Sheet: 25 USD Additional Characters: + 4 USD Telegram Sticker Pack (10 Stickers): 30 USD
  11. Eelowyn

    Emergency Fursuit Commissions Open!

    Commission sale having to open for a few emergency commission slots :s Info in the journal It will not impact current commission queue and these slots will of course be taking current queue into account so will not be finished right away due to that.
  12. Ketra

    A problem with emergency commissions

    As this is something that has been bumming me out, I was wondering how many people on here have gotten emergency commissions or donations in exchange for content that never appeared? Obviously the circumstances mean that you don't expect the normal quick turnaround of a regular commission...
  13. minemushroom


  14. amethystos

    High Quality NSFW Artist, FAST TURNAROUND!

    Special prices just for the forums C: ! You can check out my full gallery here. I do not differentiate between waist-up/full body, but please keep in mind that full body does not automatically equal awesome art. Look at your favorite images and see how many of them are actually full body...