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  1. EndoErean

    Im Endo! A Full time passionat artist and concept artist wanna be!

    Hey guys I've been in FA for years and I never knew this forums existed! Could you believe that? lol, My name is Endo ima 29 yo Artist who some day wants to bea concept artist for games and animated movies. I also Dream of having my own comic, with a thriving community full of wonderful...
  2. Breech_Loader

    Demons Are Red, Roses Are Too

    I've written a lot of fanfic - I mean, a lot, and not bad, if my reviewers were anything to go by. Now I've decided to take a step sideways. I can't draw. There, I admitted it. No, I'm too busy writing to learn to draw. But I can oversee, and visualise, and imagine, and I'm working with a guy...