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  1. GumiTheCarrot

    200+ Watcher Raffle

    I've recently gained 200 Watchers, so I'm hosting a raffle! Prize is a spot in a YCH with one of my characters; any gender/species is welcome ;3 Ends 8/31/2018 www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN]200 WATCHER RAFFLE[OPEN] -- GumiTheCarrot's Journal
  2. Ryuu Girl

    Enter The Dragon!

    (No this isn't a lewd joke.) INTRO My online name is "Ryuu". I identify as Ryuu_Girl across just about every social media outlet! ABOUT ME I am an mixed medium artist. I use graphite, pen/ink, marker, and digital art. ! attend college at Full Sail University going in for the major in Game...