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  1. Corrupted.Stars

    Lady Lookin' For RP Partners!

    I have a hard time finding roleplay partners, and I miss it dearly, so I figure this is worth a shot ^^; I'm a lady who's interested in other ladies, but also men, or just about anyone! I mean this in a friendly sense, and I'm down to RP with just about everyone. ERP wise, I'm fine with any...
  2. Amynta

    [NSFW] Dragon Couple Looking for Friends to RP with

    Heya~ Me and my BF are getting a bit lonely, so it would be nice to get someone to RP a bit with and to find new friends. We're very open-minded about kinks and can offer a lot of dom/sub-play. We're both mostly using Discord, but Telegram works too if needed. Just PM me and we can get started...
  3. P

    Looking for DOM for Extreme ERP

    Extreme means every fetish is allowed. I'm on discord: paralitykus#4479
  4. Agent-Ink

    Female fox seeking long term master

    Hmu on discord (Agent-Ink#8944) and do whatever you want to me. Anything you want. Male or female!
  5. Agent-Ink

    Male fox seeking long term master

    Hmu on discord (Agent-Ink#8944) and do whatever you want to me. Anything you want. Male or female!
  6. TeaNmilk

    Male/Male romance rp wanted [NSFW]

    Hey! It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’m looking for (like the title said) a male/male rp. I’m personally thinking of a coming of age story or something Highschool based. I’ve got a couple of plots in mind but I’m always open to spitball. My characters don’t exclusively bottom or top...
  7. Tilly

    LF detailed RP! Read within~

    I'm a long time WoW RP'er and figured I'd come along and check out this site, see what it's all about! This will be a Discord thing, and if need be I can tell you all my kinks 'n stuff there, too. Though, the RP I'm looking for will be SFW leading to NSFW at some point, but character developing...
  8. NightFlame12

    The solice empire NSFW MLP

    A discord rp server. Erp. 18 and up period. If interested link will be provided.Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  9. Anon Raccoon

    NSFW discord server inviting new members

    Server for NSFW 18+ role play and chat, all skill levels are accepted Plenty of people to RP with and a great place to make friends Feel free to ask questions or request an invite!
  10. Paxxy

    Little oasis, rp and hangout server.

    The staff at the little oasis wants to extend a paw in invitation to our discord server. We're fairly small with about 30+ members but hoping to add more furs to our ranks! We have a friendly active staff team, several voice chats, channels for media share and nsfw/erp channels as Well! Stop on...
  11. Nera_Songtress

    The Pit server seeking new members

    Greetings, I am an Admin for a rp server on Discord. We are looking for new members to jump in the (yiff) pit. We offer a safe, sane, and comfortable environment for furries of all shapes and sizes to frolic freely. We do not tolerate bullying or bigotry in our safe space of freedom. We do...
  12. Paxxy

    Little oasis role play server.

    Hello everyone, I would like to invite you to the little oasis, an 18+ role play server for discord. while an adult only server, we have non erp rooms also, and about 30 active members! Stop by and give us a glance, we don't bite hard! ^-^ Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  13. Paxxy

    The little oasis discord server

    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers An official invite from the staff of the little oasis, we are looking for active members to add to our community. Stop by and check us out! ^-^
  14. AzazelKitty

    Furry Roleplay/ERP Discord!

    Hewwo~! I'm azazel and I've started a discord server for competent furry roleplayers, gamers and people who just want to relax and hang out c: This is the discord invite : Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers It's still a work in progress but as more people join I'll create custom...
  15. Bjorn Potato

    Maybe some rp, maybe not

    Sorry for posting this here, but I really need someone to vent to. Maybe the friendship will go on and do some rp/erp, but who knows? I mainly use discord. Also, if you could tell me your time zone, and age, just so that I'm sure I can do anything. Again, sorry for posting this here, it's the...