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  1. Raever

    A cool free browser game I wanted to share...

    It's a bit old, around ten years or so, but I wanted to share this Bleach (anime) browser based rpg with you guys - for those of you who might be old school like me and prefer simpler things in order to pass time. There's so much in the game that I have no hope of covering everything, but a lot...
  2. Leo Whitepaw


    I didn't see a tread about this already, soo; I made one :3 Feel free to call me an attention whore:D Basically, post whatever twokinds-related thing in here. twokinds.keenspot.com: Page 1 - Twokinds
  3. Leo Whitepaw

    Conspiracy jaz

    Post all your 'cruddy-barelyanyevidence-madeupbytrolls/lunys conspiracy theories' here
  4. A

    Hey! That's pretty..Nah.

    Okay, enough of the dank mays. No, seriously. Alright. So what I'm gonna be looking for at the moment, is a partner to roleplay with. Any gender, species, you get the jist of it. Agh. Okay. So what I am planning is trying a Mad Max roleplay. Expect me to say it, gonna steer away from the...