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  1. Deathless

    Underrated Fursuit Makers?

    There's a lot of fursuit makers out there. From Etsy to Skypro Costumes, everyone has their own style. I want to know if there's any underrated makers you've heard about. The makers that need more love for their amazing works! I would have to say a maker I really think needs more love would be...
  2. Fursuitsandmore1022

    Fursuit badges: Only 6$!

    I AM A BEGINNER! I DO NOT HAVE PERFECT ARTWORK! I am doing simple to semi complex headshot badges! Uncolored is 6$ Colored is 8$ they are hand drawn on paper and will be shipped to you each badge takes about 2-3 hours. They have a hole punched in them for easy carrying on a keychain! They are...
  3. Lea.Tigris

    Anyone had success on Etsy or Redbubble?

    So I'm considering on the side, designer stickers, patches and pins to sell on Etsy. Just quirky little things, and I was wondering if anyone has had any luck on the with this kind of thing. Got any tips? :)
  4. xaliceonfire

    Customized Hand Engraved Glassware

    Hello there! I run a small glass engraving business, and I figured I would extend it to you guys! I am able to do most anything, including wine glasses, pints, etc... I also do customized framework. I am able to do any customized pictures as long as they are NOT copyrighted, and are okay with...
  5. FurFunAndMore

    Partials for Commission

    Hello everyone! I'm a newer fursuit maker and looking to get some more experience under my belt. I really enjoy making custom fursuits and would love to help make yours! I have references available upon request and pictures, as well as an etsy site if you wish to look at it. (I don't have that...