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  1. Phase2

    Hiring: ($150+) LF artist to draw a Demon Doctor and his Human Patient

    I am looking for a 2 character fully finished illustration with a background. I am looking for cellshaded or painting styles mostly, but I am not picky on any particular style. feel free to post anything you're offering These two characters: https://toyhou.se/2946689.whorker Demon doctor -...
  2. Simo

    Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

    I found this a really fascinating read. I'll have to say, I don't use many apps on my phone...and seldom enable the location feature. It is creepy, though, just how much data is being collected about people, and how you are more or less being followed around...the world seems a lot more boxed...
  3. Simo

    Does Google/Android 'listen in' and then aim ads at you?

    I've been wondering about this for some time now. So I have just a basic cheap Samsung smart phone. I use it to mainly, well, browse the web, play music, chat, and talk. My home computer, oddly, does not have a mic; just my phone. But using Chrome as a browser at home, as I do on my phone, I...
  4. sharprealmcomics

    Evil fursonas

    Being bad can be good. Do you have a bad boy or girl fursona and if so how bad?
  5. Grimm Hund

    'Special Trinkets' Poll Redo. Answer as Yourself or Your Sona.

    Now that I'm further into the piece I'm writing, I'd like to post an alternate version and more detailed version of my previous poll. Some answers may stay the same or the results will have changed drastically. Either way, more data! >> One fateful day, a stranger visits you. This stranger is...
  6. K


    I did it. You guys. I did it. After 15 years, I finally created my first fursona. I want you to meet Sealed Venom. Sealed is a dual-formed demon that has taken the form of a male lynx. While Sealed is in lynx form he is built slender, lithe, like a muscular dancer with white fur and deep...