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  1. Paws the Opinicus

    Hiring: ($25+) Realistic Headshot for Icon [Closed]

    I've been hoping to get a centralized G-rated icon of Paws created for various forums and other avatar usages.... which basically means a headshot! Pretty simple, that! Preferably on a blank background so that I can make simple background colorations so the backgrounds can colored to fit the...
  2. PercyD

    Sketchbook: [Streaming Offline] PercyD's Art Diary 2020--

    Eyo! For those who may be unfamiliar, my name is PercyD and I've been drawing for a long ass time. |DD ... I am a part time artist, an owner artist of an artist cooperative and we just finished up an Iron Artist Challenge that was very productive for me! I decided to change up my art schedule...
  3. Rezika's pack

    (Other) Selling: Snow leopard head Auction! ($5-$100)

    This snow Leopard head is up for grabs! It comes with fluffy and none fluffy layout! Starting bid-$5 Maximum increase-$10 Autobuy-$200 By May 30th it will be closed, now here's the pretty snow leopard! Fluffy version:
  4. Leashedragon

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Kirin-esque Adopt SB:35$ w/ AB:60$

    Oh, hello! New to the forums but I've been told this helps to try and get things sold so I'm going to give it a go! This is my first custom adopt! (I did one prior with a base, so he's technically not my first adopt ever.) I have this handsome lad up for auction with the starting bid of 35$...
  5. PercyD

    (Commission) Selling: [Update]-- $5 Headshot Flash Sale! {Icons, Reactions, Telegram Stickers}

    I need some quickies and people need some headshots! I've decided to do a fun little shop! Check out the rules in the next post. An update: Dealing with a death in the family~. I'm pushing everything back about a week. As I still have some deadlines to meet, the sale is still going on and I am...
  6. PercyD

    Sketchbook: [Streaming Offline!] -- Percy (D)raws- (D)oodle Book

    Ahoy. =u=/ My name is P.D. I've been drawing since the early 2000's. However, around 2012, life happened and I stopped drawing (as) much. Now life is starting to settle back out again for me and I am drawing again! I am mainly a digital artist, since I am not stable enough for natural mediums...
  7. PercyD

    PD wants Art Trades! [Closed!]

    I feel like doing art. Instead of trying to figure out things to draw myself, I'll get trades from other people c: Here's a folder for my characters: Artwork Gallery for PercyD -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here's a folder just for my sona: Artwork Gallery for PercyD -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I'm...
  8. PercyD

    {Closed 1-26 thru 2-2} Flat 40 YCH! [Body Diversity][Exotic Species Marine & Reptilian]

    Hello! I'm shutting down the shop for the next week. You can find out why here: www.furaffinity.net: {Closed} Special Resting Day: Fathers B-Day &100 Submissions -- PercyD's Journal TL;DR: I'm honoring my late father's b-day this week. Plus I've got some grants due on the 1st to crank out! Any...
  9. T

    Looking for a NSFW Artist (new) Closed (5/17)

    My last post on this forum got remove do to a mistake on my part. I am still looking for a artist to do NSFW for my character. Here is what he looks like. I am willing to pay anywhere form $35 to $60. Contact me for more information about what I want. Also, I just need a icon for my...
  10. Rikkoshaye

    EXOTIC Easter Egg Adopts! $25 or best offer!

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've done something like this, but Easter seems like the perfect opportunity to jump back into the egg adopt scene. So lets get to it! Here's the deets: - each egg can be claimed for $25! - or, you can make me an offer of any amount. Don't be shy! - the theme...
  11. Pignog

    Milk Thread Mk II

    The last thread was such a hit I just knew it was time for the second iteration. We're taking the gloves off for this one -- buckle up because this milk thread is going to be a wild ride!! UNFORTUNATELY the forums polls can only have a maximum of ten options. these are all new options this time...