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  1. Prestamment

    What was your worst/weird experience with a non-fursuiter person ?

    Hello, It's true, I'm not a fursuiter or have any fursona (yes, I am this person (hello =D)) but I enjoy watching some cool stuff that this community is doing. As a non-fursuiter person, I'm curious to know what was the worst or the weirdest experience that fursuiter have lived with persons...
  2. Fentanyl

    Fandom Experience

    I have a burning question: have your experiences in the fandom been largely positive, or have they been largely negative? Why?
  3. VertyWerty

    What is the most recent concert you've been to? And tell me your concert experience!

    The most recent concert I've been to is Twenty One Pilots on March 12, 2019. I'm going to tell you my concert experience about last night. Yesterday I had some good darn noodles from a noodle restaurant to feed my stomach a little bit before I enter the concert. And I went inside, went to my...
  4. I

    When you trust your friend and someone else more than your mate...

    So, i decided to post this because i need a suggestion of what to do with my situations here since i am suffering a lot... Here is few stories of what is happening to me. Months ago, my mate broke up with me and left... But i can't deny the fact that i can't leave him and still love him... So i...
  5. Mikhowl

    Disable User Submissions from New Submissions

    I've been thinking it would be an awesome new feature if I could choose which users' submissions I want to see on my New Submissions page. After watching/befriending a lot of users, I'm finding it difficult to find artwork that I really like on my new submissions page, which causes me to often...
  6. Traven V

    Any good concerts lately? Or going too soon?

    I'm going to the Modest Mouse show here soon, taking my lil' bro it'll be his first one so, I would like to know of any concerts you all may be going too or have been too and please share your experience. Especially if it is the Mouse. Rock on.
  7. Sleepyly

    An interesting experience/too much practice?

    I started reading "drawing with the right side of the brain" and i started doing exercises to improve my spatial perception and drawing skill.After a session of practice i felt dizzy and i could't focus or read well, this means i reached "R MODE"(a state where your brain focus on the right side)...