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  1. Lynar

    Tips on stablishing a following? (Discussion)

    Hi everyone! I would love to hear artists of all sorts or simply any of you who has developed a following on any social media, share some tips or analyze what you think made you grow and get yourself out there. If you are like me and don't have a following yet, please do share your point of...
  2. Acasytous

    Discord Server for Artists.

    We have created a growing Discord Server dedicated to artists, be it visual artists, sculptors, musicians, programmers and whatever other creative vein you have in you! We created a place in which you can network with other users and potential clients for commissions. And also a place in which...
  3. quoting_mungo

    Hashtags in a post-Tumblr world

    Title somewhat tongue in cheek, though does apply to my personal situation, as Tumblr's changing content policies have driven my NSFW art off Tumblr and over to a Twitter account I set up specifically for the purpose of posting smut. Most of us are probably aware of the importance of tagging...
  4. Z

    Twitter vs. Facebook (Or Alternate Platforms for Exposure)

    Hey all! Really considering expanding to a new platform, and wanted to get opinions on which one to expand to. Twitter and Facebook seem to be two very popular ones, so I wanted to get advice from people that use them (preferably if you've used both). My motives (if this helps at all) are: 1)...
  5. msgrandpabacon

    Can I get some help?

    Hello there! I am new... sort of. I used to be on deviantart, and I had decent exposure, but I took a 6 year hiatus and started again here. I am just wondering what the best way to get exposure is. I really don't want to draw my sona again and again, but I also don't want to open up requests as...