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  1. V

    3D printed parts, $50/all Free shipping

    Selling parts as a group to recoup filament costs. Four(4) sets of eyes, four(4) sets of teeth, one of them a full jawset, and ten (10) individual claws. Printed white. Please consider supporting a small business payment through paypal and free shipping priority standard through usps (unless...
  2. N

    A few fursuit-making questions (first time making)

    Hello! I'm currently working on a fursuit (actually one I started making in 2016 but just held off on working on for a while) and it is my first time making one. I'm planning on probably leaving it as just a partial (the character its based on wears clothes anyway). Currently I've been sewing...
  3. Monstrdog

    Blind/blank eyes

    I've seen a handful of suits with pure blank eyes like Briar here, but I'm not sure how to do it. I've been going with the buckram and plastic method, but it hasn't been looking right. If I go with buckram just for the pupil, it doesn't give the right effect, plus gives em a really dopey look...
  4. Deathless

    "Your art is too __!"/ Unwanted Criticism

    Has anyone ever complained about your art or art style saying it's too toony, unrealistic, detailed/undetailed, etc? I get that everyday from people I actually don't care about. With my art style, I draw cartoon styled eyes and I get people making fun of that. I know that in the furry fandom...
  5. Covet-Kun

    Best material for 2D eyes?

    Heya, I'm trying to make flat 2D eyes and I don't know what material to make them out of. I need a material that I can be able to see somewhat clearly through. After a few videos online I decided that I wanted to use buckram, but when I shop online I find labels on store pages labeled "light...
  6. Skakuna

    Curving a hole in foam

    My fursuit head will have 2 pairs of eyes. The bigger ones of course will be on my eyelevel so I can see. BUT! The second pair will be on my cheeks. I wanted to make them 'vents' so I will be able to stay in fursuit longer a bit. But then there is a question. When should I carve the eyesocets...
  7. B

    Poseable Art Doll | "Joseph"

    Looking to sell a OOAK Poseable art doll. He is my first ever anthro doll! -He is about 11 inches tall and is free standing. -He is covered in soft faux fur and has a yarn weft tail. -Has hand-made glass cabochon eyes. -Hand-sewn. -Hand-sculpted head, hands, and feet. NOT resin! Made of strong...
  8. sanssoucistudios

    Blog post-painting realistic resin wolf eyes

    www.sanssoucistudios.com: Painting Resin Eyes for a Fursuit Head Wanted to share this, thought it was kinda cool- a blog post showing realistic resin wolf eyes being painted, step by step. Would also be interested to see others' favorite links/tutorials to resin eye painting, or any other kind...
  9. sanssoucistudios

    Casting resin eyes: materials recommendations?

    Wrote a blog post about my misadventures casting resin eyes, sharing my mistakes so that others might learn from them. Also sharing the crazy family photos we took with the reject eyes afterwards. www.sanssoucistudios.com: Casting blank resin eyes for fursuit heads, or trying anyway I used...
  10. Bandera

    Icon request

    Hi! I was wondering if someone could draw icon for me? You can do mostly what ever you want. I don't have a fursona yet. Things I want Animal Wolf Gender Male Colour of fur Red, black and white Colour of eyes Blue Thanks! :)
  11. Steriiyo

    Matrices Foam Tutorial>Help

    Hello! I got foam and I'm making the foam base for my fursuit head. I'm having trouble understanding how to do this part: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Here is the link for the tutorial...