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  1. EzriArt

    A Shark Says CHOMP - I mean, Hello!

    Hello to all of you fine people! I am Serge, I have actually been on FA for a long time, on and off for a while. I've had other aliases, known as: WinterSin, SkyfireXI, ElectricSerge, BlueSharkess, and AstralDreemurr. I've finally decided on a name and am sticking with it because I'm tired...
  2. Ezri

    Commissions: OPEN! (starts at $10)

    Hi, I'm Ezri, and I'd like to draw your characters! For money! PRICES: USD, PAYPAL ONLY I also offer chibis for $15 each! Couples are +50% of the original price, and groups larger than 2 can be negotiated. There may be an additional fee for extraordinarily complex designs. Prices are for...