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  1. Roonie

    $10 Bust Icons [Moving Promo]

    Hey! I'm briefly opening up icon commissions because in the next couple of weeks I am really going to kick myself into high gear getting ready to move overseas with my fiance! (From the USA to the UK) I'll do pretty much any sort of fursona, gender, etc, just make sure you have a fairly...
  2. Lovely

    $5 Bust Commissions!

    Hello! I am selling $5 bust commissions! My FA profile: Userpage of alovelylynx -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here are some examples of other commissions I've done recently (from furvilla): Terms of Service: 1) Paypal only. No point commissions will be accepted. 2) Payment must be up front. 3)...
  3. Lisyonok_Fox33

    Just need some quick help

    I'm a beginner artist and I just need some help drawing a quick sketch of a Fox ,or any canine, in a front view face position with a "surprised" expression ( one where the mouth goes into a small circle ). I don't know how the perspective/fore-shorting would like involving the jaw and mouth. Can...
  4. Elfi

    Fleece-faced fursuits?

    Does anyone have any tips for making fursuits with faces covered in fleece? I'd really love to try it out since it looks really amazing with the finished products, but I have no idea how to do it! Any tips are appreciated, thanks!