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  1. Yakamaru

    Fallout 76, and the flop it made

    Lets be fair here. Bethesda fucked it up, and they fucked it up hard. You've got reviews coming in from all over the place, not to mention the failure that was the bag scandal. Oh, not to mention the ongoing investigation into their practices.. www.classlawdc.com: Bethesda Game Studios...
  2. Water Draco

    Films Hollywood have tried to copy but failed.

    The idea is to post name of Hollywood film that was nowhere as good as the original and post the name of the inspired it. So I will start with. 2004 Taxi: staring Queen Latifah 1998 Taxi: staring Samy Naceri
  3. R

    New submission page, any way to go back to classic?

    The new submission list is just awful. Instead of actually showing you the title of the post, the artist, and giving you a checkbox, you have to actually hover over the image to see ANY of that. Not only is it absolutely disgusting to try and use even on a PC, it completely bricks the page for...