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  1. NoahGryphon

    What was the last furry dream you had?

    I just had a mostly furry dream, it seemed to be about a very large festival/fair on a big beach, and anthros were going to it and working there. I remember everybody could fly in the dream, and some of the rides/activities involved transformation. There also was a huuuuge fursuit, latex suit...
  2. GabyHamster

    (Other) Selling: BIG DISCOUNT DAY! (35$ - 45$)

    Well, actually it's only the name and discounts will be valid for 3 days, like a real big fair! "What am I supposed to do?" - you ask? Have fun! ----------------- - ★ - ---------------- I reduced the prices for all my auctions (which were previously estimated at $ 60!) and adopts! I also...
  3. N

    [YCH Auction] Milk Maidens at the Renaissance Fair (NSFW)

    NSFW Heya all! I'm having a little ych auction over at my page. Winners get their characters featured in two pictures :D www.furaffinity.net: [YCH Auction] Milk Maidens at the Renaissance Fair by nightcrawled13 NSFW