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  1. Skychickens

    Disney Fairies

    Okay. I cannot be the only fur on this site that has a soft spot for the movies. I've never gotten the books, but oh do I want to. I've read the whole wiki if that counts... and growing up I was a HUGE fan of Tinker Bell. I have always loved fairies. All of them. Even the mean scary ones from...
  2. amaitte

    Caught Fairies (Halloween YCH collab)

    Hello everyone!:) My friend - RaccoonTey - and I made a Halloween(kinda) YCH with several slots Price of purple, blue and green slots is SB - 20$, AB - 50$ For the red one - SB - 30$, AB - 60$ Rules: MI - 2$ For all SLOTS any gender and any species are allowed Bodytypes and all details...
  3. Rant

    Life in Astriel

    ((Ok so cut me some slack I only just got to sit down and work on this today has been rough. Is the title ok? I feel like it needs to be cooler....)) (INTRO) Winds cried a mournful howl outside the large stained glass window. The image immortalized in colorful glass long forgotten by the quiet...
  4. MaverickHunterDBoy

    Love Fairy Adoptables, Part 1

    I'm trying my hand at adoptables for the first time. My first batches of Love Fairy Adoptables are ready. They're all the ones with grey eyes, but once these are sold, I'll bring out the green-eyed ones, and then the blue-eyed, purple-eyed, brown-eyed, and finally tan-eyed ones. (See, there's...