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  1. DrPepperAddict

    Art Trade: new oc, art for art

    so i finally got around to making a ref sheet for my fae puppy <3 I have a few more days until I sign my life away to a new job, so I'd like to get some art trades done for the new oc https://www.furaffinity.net/view/48519421/ or if you want to try something that isnt dog shaped, my fursona is...
  2. Lienyao

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [ OPEN ] Character Purge | CS & Originals w/ multiple art $90-$198

    Link for the characters: https://toyhou.se/Lifedanced/characters I accept payment plans and can hold onto a character for 2-4 weeks. Payment will be done through paypal in USD. I am also selling this oc as well from my main account https://toyhou.se/6182094.tiras-vasile I accept...
  3. Monosuki the Aurian

    More on Aurians and Monosuki

    Heya folks! I was wondering something. For those that may know the anime Fairy Tail, I have a sona who is a small blue cat, (colors will be revised soon) who looks awful close to happy. Just take my PFP for example. He's around three feet tall, is supposed to have cartoonish white and black...
  4. HyperPolka

    [Fursona] My quiet place

    Hey all, this is a very personal piece and I believe it's the first art I'm 100% happy with since... forever?!? - It's my sona Sylvie in her garden, I was inspired by an interview with David Bowie where he says that you must make art for you, art that resonates with you, and I was neglecting...
  5. MaverickHunterDBoy

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Love Fairies (List I-A-1). [$5 each]

    I am probably gonna have to do these little by little, but I think it'd be worth it. Anyway, anyone want a Love Fairy of their very own? Link found here: www.furaffinity.net: Love Fairies I-A-1 by MaverickHunterDBoy (I know the heart tattoo is hard to see--it's on her left cheek, which is...
  6. amaitte

    Caught Fairies (Halloween YCH collab)

    Hello everyone!:) My friend - RaccoonTey - and I made a Halloween(kinda) YCH with several slots Price of purple, blue and green slots is SB - 20$, AB - 50$ For the red one - SB - 30$, AB - 60$ Rules: MI - 2$ For all SLOTS any gender and any species are allowed Bodytypes and all details...
  7. MaverickHunterDBoy

    Love Fairy Adoptables, Part 1

    I'm trying my hand at adoptables for the first time. My first batches of Love Fairy Adoptables are ready. They're all the ones with grey eyes, but once these are sold, I'll bring out the green-eyed ones, and then the blue-eyed, purple-eyed, brown-eyed, and finally tan-eyed ones. (See, there's...