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  1. I

    Deep Fried Drama with Waffle Fries and Lemonade

    babylonbee.com: Chick-Fil-A Commits To Using 100% Born-Again Chickens ATLANTA, GA—In a press conference held Thursday, Chick-fil-A representatives promised to become the first fast-food chain in the nation to use 100% born-again chickens in their sandwiches, nuggets, strips, and other chicken...
  2. Ciderfine

    Administrator notice: Fur Affinity is temporarily suspending new submission uploads for 5-10 minutes

    Thank GOD Finally someone realized that all these fake asset flipping artists uploading things that arent art were bad for the system SOMEHOW. What ever happened to this place being for anthro themed art? We got SFM futa human porm, anime porn, mlp porn, video game character sfm porn and all...
  3. Reserved_Krolik

    Hey, I put some manga on eBay...

    If this isn't an appropriate place for this, please let me know! 15 Random Volumes of Manga, Full list on the page: 15 Manga, All Very Good Condition, English Language | eBay Volumes 1-6 of Fake: Fake by Sanami Matoh, Volumes 1-6 | eBay
  4. Sarcastic Coffeecup

    So I've been stolen

    Well, not me but my character has been snatched. My GF was stalking me online as a part of a game, so to speak, to find out how much she can find out about me online. Some bastard online has stolen copyrighted images of my OC, added a colour filter and pretends it's their own. What I'd like to...