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fan art

  1. T

    Hiring: The elder scrolls themed commission

    Hello yall. I was wondering is here any The elder scrolls game fans and would be interested drawing art piece of it. To be precise I was looking to get art piece from The elder scrolls online game with my khajiit character and companion her companion Ember. This would be sfw action piece. I'm...
  2. CrimsonWeasel

    Hiring: ($50+) Looking to commission a plush

    Hello, I am looking to commission a plush of Barry the Chopper from fullmetal alchemist. I would like the plush to be maximum 12 inches tall, moderatly detailed, and not poseable. I'm comfortable paying a rough max of 100 dollars, but this can be discussed, as well as a timeline. If I was vague...
  3. LecherySweet

    My drawing of Amy Rose!

    so I decided to draw Amy from the sonic the hedgehog franchise! Let me know what you think down below. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47323881/
  4. Drag0n-PrincesS

    Experimental sketch requests (closed, you can check my links ;3)

    oki doki so I'm not new in the normal page but I'm new here let's go. Rules, yes I gotta have rules, I've done so many of these I've seen a couple of things. 1 ONE character per user, don't be greedy let others participate darling! 2 Send a pic of your oc OR a character you want me to do fanart...
  5. MalGV

    (Commission) Selling: ★ MalGV's Art Shop ★ [OPEN • $10-$700+ • FULL CLOSED!] Sketches / TLK OCs / Portraits / Fullbodies / Chibis / Realism / Ref Sheets

    INTRO Hey folks, and welcome to my art shop on FAF! Please review my Commission Tier List below and fill out the form I have provided. First come first served! As soon as my slots are filled I close my shop and contact my clients. If you ask for a commission too late, don't worry! I'll keep...
  6. JollyJester

    Test Post

    Here's a test post fan art \(○`° `○)/
  7. Disotter

    (Commission) Selling: Cute Chibi Sona Commissions! (3 slots available)

    Hi there! I'm Disotter, your local clumsy otter >///< I have 3 slots available for chibi commissions of your sona! <3 (or any other character you'd like me to draw) Here are some examples of what I'm offering: Price range starting at $50 for full body full color <3 (Payments via PayPal...
  8. Hitaka5Ever

    (Commission) Selling: Comic Flatter LF Work ($15/HR)

    Hello, my name is Rocky Fuller and I'm currently looking for work through comics, more specifically doing flats for characters and base of backgrounds if needed (I cannot do full backgrounds unfortunately) Please read my requirements when working with me before ordering. Here are examples of my...
  9. MaxisDeimos

    The Untamed Fanart Bunnys

    If you likr like you can follow me on FA Userpage of maxis_deimos -- Fur Affinity [dot] net :D
  10. leleliciouus

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Mystery Adop! 30$-120$

    The Melanie and SCP mistery box package arrives! Do you want to know what's inside this pretty box?
  11. BillyHeart

    (Commission) Selling: BillyHeart`s commision [OPEN] 30$-40$

    I will draw your OC, furries, characters from different fandoms, real people… (just give me some references and I’ll draw it) Don`t: Macro/micro, hyper sizes, vomit, gore, underage characters in sex scenes, diapers, coprophilia, and similar extreme fetishes. If you are interested in a fetish...
  12. B

    I'm Starting an Art Project & I Need Volunteers For me to Draw (CLOSED)

    Hey there. :) I'm actually doing an art project where I will draw these video game characters, but there's a catch... I'm actually going to draw other people's fursonas as these characters! I have found enough furries to go along with this projects. Thank you to those who participated! Here...
  13. fuzzypen

    (Commission) Selling: Craving for MORE Character Creation! ($10-100 USD)

    Greetings everyone! My name is Pen and I've recently joined the FA community. Thank you all for taking a look and I hope to be of service. Some of my most popular requests include character designs, logos/banners, Pet Portraits and of course, NSFW. (You can see the impure things AND ALSO THE...
  14. O

    American Dragon: Jake Long Fan Comic! Check it Out!

    (On-Site Link) Hello all you beautiful people! This is a post about my new plan to release a fan comic based on American Dragon: Jake Long! This is the cover for it! If you guys like it I might post more about it here! ^_^. Trying to start my new year off by getting into gear with my stuff...
  15. ThefriendlyFurry

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [NSFW] All Pony OCs for $10 [18+]

    Warning the following folder for sale contains 18+ NSFW content so if you are under 18 this post is not available for you. Alright so i used to be a brony and a massed a small amount of fan art over that time, due to me having so many i will link the google photo folder, $10 via paypal you can...
  16. BadAnkleBill

    (Commission) Selling: Full Commissions starting at $60, can do Fandom and Mash-ups!

  17. XeronaArt

    (Commission) Selling: EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS $20 - $70+

    EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS! PLEASE DM IF INTERESTED! Hey guys, I'm needing some help with some bills this month. I have payments coming up next week and am in dire need of some income. I've lowered my prices to be a bit more affordable while I have this going on. Please share this around if you know...
  18. EKTOR21

    (Commission) Selling: Full body, cartoon - 30$

    If you interested on a commission, send me an email: cdfvictor7[at]gmail.com
  19. noxity

    Black Friday Portrait Sale

    Ends tonight at midnight! Please send me a message if interested. ~
  20. noxity

    Black Friday Portrait Sale

    I will be accepting these up until midnight the 23rd, est time! Send me a message or email on my website: www.ndl.design