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fanart commissions

  1. A

    (Commission) Need Emergency Income- Art Starting at $7 and within 48 hrs

    I need income for our new internet being set up for a new work from home job (bills of course too) and don't really have a selection of samples to 100% reassure you as the customer, so hence the "fast come fast go" prices. They will be mostly lineart and flat coloring. If I'm inspired by your...
  2. Phisan

    (Commission) Selling: $15-$50+ Custom Commissions!

    Sketches: Chibi: 15.76 Bust: 16.79 Thigh high: 17.82 Full body: 20.91 Lineart: Chibi: 16.79 Bust: 17.82 Thigh high: 18.85 Full body: 24.00 Flat Colors: Chibi: 18.85 Bust: 19.88 Thigh high: 26.06 Full body: 36.35 Shaded: Chibi...
  3. Pulmocean

    Pulmo's arts (NEW EYE TUTORIAL!)

    Hello everyone! Just want to share my arts, ych, adopts and commissions with you all! Please enojy :) My FA: Userpage of Pulmocean -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. Galaxseed

    (Commission) Selling: High quality [SFW] commissions cartoon/anime style - 45-70 USD

    Hello and welcome to my page!! I am currently open for 3 slots! Can draw: Anthros (any species) Humans Robots Fan art Can not draw: NSFW / taboo fetishes Creatures Self portraits Turnaround time will range from 2/3 to 5 weeks depending on queue/ project size! If interested, email...
  5. Yumacub

    (Commission) Selling: Yuma's 2020 Commissions OPEN - $5-$60

    Hey guys! Been a really long time since I posted here! First off, I'm open for commissions; I'm in dire financial need! I have a GoFundMe up right now due to homelessness, among all the bills I have to pay which includes things like my car and car insurance, internet, old school loans, phone...
  6. CarbonCoal

    (Commission) Selling: CarbonCoal's Commission's [$15-$50]

    Terms of Service When commissioning me you are agreeing to the following: - I don't accept refunds - I receive payments through PayPal only - Payment should be made in full upfront - Once I have finished the sketch I will contact you with an image of it. I will not start the inking process...
  7. WorldofValdis

    (Commission) Selling: △Valdis's Commissions△|$7-$30

    Hi! I'm Valdis and I'm your typical starving artist so I've decide to open up for commissions! Unfortunately I don't have many examples for furry characters at the moment since I'm fairly new to the community but I am experienced in drawing reptilian characters. △Rules△ At least half of...
  8. Rooooox

    $12 pinups!

    Yep, I'm taking $12 pinups! Check the info here: www.furaffinity.net: Donation Doodles by Rooooox Feel free to ask questions!
  9. peachbreezy

    ₊✩₊Vector-Style Commissions OPEN <3₊✩₊

    ₊✩₊˚Peach✩Breezy˚₊✩₊ COMMISSIONS OPEN Hi!! I'm Peach! She/Her Pronouns!! I'm a professional artist and animator, currently accepting a limited number of Venmo and Paypal illustration commissions! I'm opening to commissions to help pay for my mother's medical bills and medicine. It will also go...
  10. M.Rockatansky

    30€ Detailed Full Body Shot Deal - realistic style artworks

    Hello and welcome to my new commissioning thread! I want to start off with a very special deal - I'm searching for a specific character to visualize! And there are three discount sketching slots, yay! I would like to get a great reference for a highly polished character with no background...
  11. LimeReptile

    Commissions open! Icon,sketch, painting, comics and more!

    Hello! I'm Limereptile and I love drawing any kind of cute creature! Looking for an icon, a snazzy-looking sketch or even a comic page? Then, this is the right place for you! IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE ORDERING : -I only draw SFW, blood and minor gore, - I will turn down any...
  12. FluffyChuck91


    I am taking Commissions! I draw fan art, OCs and pin-ups. Here is my price chart And here is my gallery: Additional Info: - Paypal only! - I can do NSFW, but it depends on the content and what im comfortable with. - Revisions are a $3 fee - I prefer to be paid upfront once we...
  13. Judah

    Sketch commissions starting at $5! (nsfw allowed)

    Hey, I've finally gained the free time to open up cheap commissions! I deliver fast and easy. Payment through paypal only. Prices for any commissions that aren't sketches or bust shots can be discussed if you inbox or mail me (judasart117@gmail.com), where we could also talk about possible NSFW...