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  1. L

    just wanted to share some artwork

    Userpage of lizardsquad -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  2. BlackDragonAJ89

    (Commission) Selling: Artie's Commissions ($10-$40+)

    Obviously I can draw stuff. I figured since that I want a little extra money and to help expand beyond just my own work, I'd do commissions. I currently have 5 slots open. Once those are filled, I close up and finish the work. Once those are done, I open them back up again. It's pretty simple...
  3. Meraki_Adjule

    Entei, Pokemon fanart

    First fanart of the year. Canonical Entei from Pokemon 3: The Movie.
  4. Nokiad

    First Attempt At Furry Art

    Ahhhh, Hello there everyone! I made a new years resolution to draw outside of my comfort-zoneand I've really been into Beastars so, I thought this was the perfect chance to practice!
  5. StudioDogfish

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions NSFW/SFW $15-$55 Please help!

    Hello everyone! I am working on doing Commissions right now because im having some difficulty paying bills due to the holidays so please check my work out! Here are my commission details! www.furaffinity.net: Commission Info! by StudioDogfish
  6. Aqua-Spirit22

    (Commission) Selling: Art potpourri - 7-70 USD/euro

    Coming back with a variety of styles to offer since I'm trying to save up for art school materials ! Art done is for personal use only. Do NOT remove any signature, edit the art (other than specifically resizing or flipping) and please credit back. I will do pretty much everything (SFW) except...
  7. Pulmocean

    Pulmo's arts (NEW EYE TUTORIAL!)

    Hello everyone! Just want to share my arts, ych, adopts and commissions with you all! Please enojy :) My FA: Userpage of Pulmocean -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. Sasha_Fzknv

    Some Traditional Media Artwork (Need help :c)

    Hello there! I wanted share with you some of my last artworks. I'm trying to share and get some help, I lost my pc and I can't afford for repair it, and I share my patreon page, maybe you don't interested in support, but if you just share maybe there someone who likes to. So I show some of the...
  9. Katook

    (Commission) Selling: Human/Anthro/Feral|Semi-realism|Ref sheets|Character Design|$50-$150

    I'm officially back from hiatus and here to help out with all your character design, refs, and art needs!! Basic single view character drawings are $50 minimum with a background of your desire, examples of such below: For $150, I can do a 2 or 3 point turn reference with 2 detail images...
  10. Zombiy

    Any Lombax fans up in here?

    Hey guys! Wanted to see if there were any fellow Ratchet and Clank fanatics here? And hey if you're not, but you're curious, you're WELCOMED to this thread! :D And if ya'll rad peeps DO have Lombax art, PLEASE share it here (sfw only plz) Here's some of my fan-works to kick it off-
  11. EmSheshan

    SFW Commissions starting at 10$

    Hello, I draw both people and anthro: Busts start at 10$ Full-body starts at 15$ (Prices may go up depending on others factors like excessive detail) Will draw: -OCs -Anthro -Fanart Won't draw: -NSFW -Fetish art Terms: -I will send a sketch, you pay full price, I finish -If you want any...
  12. rembee

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art: 5 slots+ ($20-$125+)

    ℙrice List Sketch prices are half of fully finished prices. a4 unless otherwise specified. OCs or Fanart. Social media icons: $45 ($20 sketch) Bust: $50 Torso: $80 Full Body: $90 With a background: add $35 to the base price. Additional characters/intricate highly detailed work: double base...
  13. ghostkyu

    Pokemon Fanart

    I've been doing a lot of Poke fanart recently and would like to share a few and see other's too! Post your recent/favorite Pokemon fanarts here!!
  14. spr-out

    (Other) Selling: Digital Commissions (Price range : 8 € - 85 €)

    Hello! I'm Sprout, a creative with 8 + years of experience in creating digital artwork. ・ Find my General info + TOS here. ・ Deviantart ・ Furaffinity. ・ Twitter ・ ・ I do nsfw artwork also, though mostly vanilla. Feel free to ask me about this! ・ I do humans and humanoids. ・ I won't draw ...
  15. Sinclare Lovelace

    Sketchbook: Sinclare's Art Dump. (Some WIPs included)

    I know I tried making this sketchbook thread for a little while and it just....didn't work with editing, so I decided to try this again. Most of my work is human anatomy, but I have some okay anthro and other species as well as some bad ones under my belt, might as well share them all. Very...
  16. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions OPEN

    Hey there, my slots (5 slots) are empty for now. My site with prices and ToS: axellionhart.weebly.com: Axellionhart Commissions My galleries and channels: Axel (@axellionhart) • Instagram photos and videos Alexandre Severo Gomes (@alesevero.art) • Instagram photos and videos Userpage of...
  17. Pharaoh-Ink

    (Commission) Selling: Pharaoh-Ink's Art Commissions

    Hello everyone! I am offering commissions and could really use the work right now, as I am between jobs. I am able to draw humans and anthropomorphic creatures. I only accept payment via Paypal. I also will not accept commission orders for things I am uncomfortable with drawing, which would most...
  18. overlimits

    Looking for someone willing to do NSFW dragon/human m/m! (fanart)

    Hello! I'm hoping this is all right, I'm not 100% clear on the rules regarding fanart, but please let me know if this doesn't belong here. I'm looking to commission art of a dragon whose design is very much like the following: (1) (2) (3) Only, instead of a red color theme, it should be dark...
  19. Lightrail

    Full Body Illustrations and More Starting at $20!

    Hello everyone! I'm a versatile illustrator open for work! I specialize in character illustrations, but I can do so much more if you need, including reference sheet creation, backgrounds, logos, animations and more! If you don't see a price from the listed items above, feel free to ask. All...
  20. BaoBun

    Fan art! (And a day's comparison)

    Hey!! There's one fur suiter that I follow (who also makes fursuits) called @itssofuzzy on Instagram! She has a really cute fursuit of an angel dragon called Munchie! (I'll be adding this info to the pieces when I post them to FA and Instagram!). I also wanted to show my progression too! I...