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  1. lemonlunch

    I ship birbs

    Birb shipping schedule: 7/16 falco x crow boi 7/18-19 Revali x Parrot Dad 7/20 --- Up for suggestion
  2. dragoncat-senpai

    Dragoncat-Senpai's Commission Masterpost

    Commission Info for dragoncat-senpai -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (COMMS UNDER $5 CAN BE FOUND HERE) dragoncat-senpai.deviantart.com: COMMISSION MASTERPOST Below is all the types of commissions (prices, forms, and rules) I am offering currently thank you all for your consideration TO ORDER...
  3. _decks_

    TAKING COMMISSIONS 6 SLOTS!! (human/fur/nsfw)

    Hiya! I've finally gotten the time to open commissions back up, so please either visit my page ( Userpage of jentricc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net mature warning!) for examples of my work or shoot me a message and we'll discuss details! At the moment, I'm doing everything from full body...
  4. FluffyChuck91


    My name is Charles Moss. I am a grad student at Savannah State University with a focus in animation. I earned my BFA at Sam Houston State University. I draw, animate, and make occassional remix parody videos. Here is my website: charlesmossanimation My youtube channel: www.youtube.com: Charles...
  5. TrainYukito

    New Here + Some Artworks

    Hello! My nickname is TrainYukito. First time here and I want to introduce myself somehow, so I decided by showing some of my drawings. I use to draw humans and fanart of video-game characters, never into so much about furries but I love them somehow, that's why I have at least two OC's. This...
  6. tobiasred

    Commissions Open

    Hi! I’m Tobiasred, though I prefer to be called Nothlit. My Commissions are Open ———————————————— My normal rate is $15/Hour NSFW is $10 added to the price I have the right to refuse a commission if the illustration is...
  7. Ninapaw

    Hi! I'm new and this is My art!

    Just started in this lovely site a week ago. Hope I can find new friends and followers too! I'm open for comissions too! Check my stuff :D I will post regularly at least 1 time per week. Userpage of ninapaw -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. Aqua-Spirit22

    Cute clean doodles, 1-2 characters for $5 !

    Hello! I'm here to offer some doodles that are fun to draw, easy and cheap! Only $5 :> For that price I will draw up to 2 characters, any more than that will be $2 extra. One complex design character is good to go for $5 but two or more will be discussed. You can contact me in English or...
  9. SandraMJ

    SandraMJ'S Hunk gallery

    With more than hunks, of course, but mainly hunks! I'd love for y'all to come take a look (and hey, I take commissions... just saying!) Check it out here!
  10. Dritazura

    $25 Disney Style Art Commissions

    I am doing Disney Style commissions at $25. I can make any of your characters look as if they were in a Disney movie! They will consist of up to two characters in a Disney art style and a full color background and shading as well. Here are some of my commissioned examples...
  11. ZannyHyperness

    Zanny's Commissions: Illustrations, comics to anything else!

    YOU CAN ALSO SUPPORT ME BY DONATING TO MY KO-FI OR GOING TO MY PATREON AND BECOMING A PATRON TO GET DISCOUNTS! Due to circumstances, I now live with my friend and we’ll be moving again soon to a house with two bedrooms, but it has no furniture, and we still have to pay bills. So any help you...
  12. LilithNoel

    Comic Commissions (OPEN)

    Link to my Prices (NSFW) Examples:
  13. Judah

    Sketch commissions starting at $5! (nsfw allowed)

    Hey, I've finally gained the free time to open up cheap commissions! I deliver fast and easy. Payment through paypal only. Prices for any commissions that aren't sketches or bust shots can be discussed if you inbox or mail me (judasart117@gmail.com), where we could also talk about possible NSFW...
  14. F

    SFW & NSFW Furry and Human Character Art

    Hi there! ForeignSin here! I'm offering furry, anime, and western comic styled commissions. You can read more specifics on my Commission Info page. I'll put all the basics down below though too, but still feel free to ask me any questions you might have. What I Offer: Busts, Half-bodies, &...
  15. xanderless

    fanart requests open until I say otherwise

    Sorry I thought I was clear with the title saying FANART REQUESTS but I guess I wasn't. THIS IS FANART ONLY. NO OCS. If you want them furry, you can request them as a specific species of animal (I will choose the breed though) I don't have to be in the fandom but I'm more likely to draw from...
  16. A

    Requesting someone for a transformation sequence

    Hello there, So, I'm kind of new to this thing, not sure where to begin. But anyway, I was wondering if there is anyone out there willing to do a transformation sequence for free?
  17. greaserdracula

    $10 YCH Headshot

    get a headshot that looks like this for only 10 bucks! get a headshot of your fursona for only 10 bucks. PAYPAL ONLY : greaserdracula[at]gmail.com DM with ref. Dog/Wolf only please! will change hair to resemble yours!
  18. Annie-Mae

    Commissions are open

    Help me pay for some bills this coming month. Just also want to draw some peoples characters. Let me know what you're interesting in. Reply to this post or find my FA account At Annie-Mae
  19. fairygirls

    Indigo's Art Shop

    Hello everyone! I'm a bit new to furaffinity and wantedto see if i could also possibly sell any art here as well! Some examples of my art and pricing are here: I also have examples of my art up on my furaffinity at Userpage of fairygirls -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (check out my...
  20. DumbDeerGurl

    I made some Lapfox Fanart.

    Tell me what you think , www.furaffinity.net: Tomba The Puppy by FrizzyDearg I was going to draw anthro and then I thought nah, something a little different. So I drew it in puppy form because I like to draw regular animals sometimes . here is a link if you want to know more about this...