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  1. DumbDeerGurl

    Idea's for a Fursuit

    I have some idea's for a making a fursuit. My plan is to make two half suits , one for my Fursona, and one for a character called NegaRen( Both will be digitgrade. Right now I'm in the planning phase, but I will start working on both of them the moment I have the suitable funds and supplies. I...
  2. tobiasred

    My Commissions Open

    My normal rate is $15/Hour NSFW is $10 added to the price I have the right to refuse a commission if the illustration is something I am uncomfortable with or something I may not feel confident in drawing. Examples: I WILL NOT DRAW Pedophilia or Scat, I am uncomfortable with my ability to draw...
  3. Suki262

    Ink/Flat Color Commissions Open

    Commissions are available for this year at a very cheap price. The same rules apply that I cannot draw Child Pronz Prego fetishes Gore (In a sexual manner) Diaper (anything related to that fetish) Other than that, if you are interested you could note me or contact me through email...
  4. Darklunac

    Opening commissions! (animals, furries, pokemons, dragons)

    Officialy opening commissions! I’ll take one or two at a time for now! Lineart: 15$ Colored illustration: 30$ Additions: - 5$ For additional character (Up to 4 by pictures) - 5 à 15$ for a background. Background A 5$ background would be one or two objects like a tree, a chair etc. A 15$...
  5. Suki262

    About Zootopia

    This was something that was brought to my attention during yesterday's stream and it got me thinking....
  6. Evian

    Any neopets art to share?

    I drew fanart of my strawberry kougra on neopets. [Drawing here] Recently entered this drawing into the beauty contest. Is anyone else entering this beauty contest? Want to share your art entries? Or just share your neopet art in general? I sort of went off-design for the kougra, and added...
  7. greaserdracula

    Draw your oc!*OPEN*

    Hi there friends! I want more practice drawing anthros cause I want to start doing it more and maybe get some more commission work! So I'm takin' FREE requests to kinda beef up my skills! (that and I haven't drawn for nearly two weeks.) You can check out examples of my work here: Userpage of...
  8. RazzyRaziya

    Gift Art Etiquette (?)

    Sorry I'm super new to the community and I'm just trying to understand something that a friend told me! Any insight would be appreciated! I had a friend who was trying to cheer up an acquaintance of his by drawing them a picture, however it was a picture of his own fursona telling them to...