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  1. RenSoul

    Art Trade: Looking for MxM Fandom Ship Art - Will Draw a Character Portrait in Exchange!

    Hello There! I'm looking for art of a particular MxM (human) pairing from a video game series I like. I would like to have them drawn in a scenario of my choosing - I will DM any interested parties the details, as well as reference materials! I am willing to draw a character headshot portrait...
  2. B

    Anyone know where I can apply for some furry zines?

    I'd love to contribute to a zine and have my work be showcased but I don't know where to look. If anyone knows of any that aren't rife with nepotism or have an application that is approved or denied based on follower count that'd be epic. I'd like my first experience to be positive if it can be...
  3. QueenSekhmet

    Where My Digimon Fans At?

    yo! so i recently ordered a new DIM card for my vital bracelet (for those not in the know: a vital bracelet is sort of like a fitbit but better because it comes with a digimon friend you can level up and have as a exercise and a DIM card is the card you plug into the bracelet with the a...
  4. Klox

    Engagement on FA main site

    // EDIT PLEASE READ : It seems some people have misunderstood what im saying, sorry i wasnt clear ! I am not looking for advices to have more views or watchers. I am looking for advices to have more ENGAGEMENT & INTERACTION (comm, shout, chat, whatever) -like the title say. Of course, having...
  5. DeadAccount

    Favorite Species

    What is your favorite species in the furry fandom? Please do not start arguments! Everyone is entitled to their opinions!
  6. D

    Good Memories You Have In The Fandom

    So, I've been kind of a negative derg these past few months, and I have a habit of criticizing the furry fandom, more than saying what I love about it. I figured, I'd make something that changes that today. Basically, what good things have happened to you in the fandom? Meeting artists, making...
  7. B

    Five Geek Social Fallacies

    So... I was just browsing Kiwi Farms to see what the antifurs talk about in regards to furry drama and depravity. I don't have an account there nor am I implying furries are depraved. Just certain ones like the pedos and zoosadists, ya know. A lot of the events they talked about were...
  8. Wheat-Meat

    NSFW Writing Commissions OPEN!

    You can find the Commission Info Here. Opening Commissions for NSFW stories. I will charge 12 EUR every 1,500 words. Paypal only please. I will show you a snippet of what you request (After discussing it), and if you like it I will begin writing. If you have a strict budget, please let me know...
  9. Wheat-Meat

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW Writing commissions OPEN!

    You can find more specific info here. I charge 12 EUR every 1,500 words, and I currently only accept commissions from fandoms I know and Original characters. Paypal only. Please do not DM me here for commissions, but note me on my Furaffinity.
  10. Zehlua

    Have you ever been mischievously kind to someone?

    I love to spoil people whenever I can, which isn't very often lately since I've been strapped for cash and time... but I'd love to see more folks in the fandom being sneaky and sweet to one another! This could be with random fan art, gifts, showing up to art live streams with lots of new friends...
  11. Bink

    Thoughts on "The Fandom" documentary?

    I won't lie I'm pretty hyped about the premier on the 3rd of July. I've seen a lot of media furry coverage and a few documentaries but this one just seems so much more promising and in depth at first glance, compared to the other ones I've viewed. This isn't too surprising though as it's...
  12. FluffyShutterbug

    What's With All The NSFW Hate Lately?

    Not that it's any of my business, but I can't exactly control what does and doesn't piss me off. And since I've found no less than three people complain about topic I'm about to get into within the last week or so, it's time for me to say something. Ahem PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT FURRIES...
  13. B

    Should children be allowed into the Furry Fandom?

    I'm curious about what you people think. I know there are a lot of problems regarding predators and such. There's so much adult content in this fandom that I don't know how children can avoid it. My first experience with furries online were bad. I was 14 and both were trying to drag me into the...
  14. B

    I've made the decision to stop calling myself a furry.

    I'm going to call myself a fuwwy instead. uwu
  15. Ratchetjak

    Is the only way to gain attention in the fandom is draw NSFW?

    This is something I've been wondering about in recent years. Now to start, I have nothing bad to saw about NSFW art. I draw a little bit of it myself and I do look at NSFW art, I have no problem with it at all. But lately I've been wondering if the only way to really gain any sense of attention...
  16. .wav

    Moving On

    As of today, I've decided to leave the fandom. Now this has nothing to do with anything personal, but I wish to do more with my art, and pursue other interests as a means of finding myself artistically. That and, I feel as though there is nothing much for me in this community. and feel that by...
  17. ChronoTheFurry

    Are their any interesting thing's about the fandom beginners wouldn't really know about?

    Hey I am Chrono and I recently think I am a furry, I have always had an appreciation towards animals and anthropomorphic animals in cartoons. I was wondering if there are things a newbie ( like me :P) could learn about the fandom! Also I haven't picked out a fursona yet please don't judge me...
  18. Kyrie_Nova

    In search of a specific comic

    A few years ago, I stumbled across a webcomic (i guess would be the best way of putting it?). I remember it was all about how the fandom helped the writer have a safe place to explore their identity. It was pretty short, I think maybe only 4-5 pages. I have been having the hardest time finding...
  19. B

    Saying just "Furry" instead of "the furry fandom" sounds weird to me

    Examples: "Furry to me is—" "I joined furry because—" I've been seeing this in many furry interview videos. This must be the norm. I just think it sounds weird, personally. This isn't a call to action to say you should stop calling it that, but just my personal opinion. >3>
  20. Fentanyl

    Fandom Experience

    I have a burning question: have your experiences in the fandom been largely positive, or have they been largely negative? Why?