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fanfiction project

  1. WhiteFur

    Feedback for a fanfic project I'm working on

    Hi, so I've been working on a Kung Fu Panda fanfic project recently (https://archiveofourown.org/works/39727284/chapters/99458667), and I'm still kinda new to the writing style of fanfiction. I'm creating this thread in the hope that more experienced writers would be able to offer some...
  2. B

    I'm a fanfic writer, and I'm new on FurAffinity

    Hi, I am BadCheese2 and I am from Malaysia. I'm the fanfic writer. Nevermind, I don't know how to write more about myself, but I'm also from Malaysia too! What did you think?
  3. Twiphase3468

    Hiring: Looking for a Cover-page artist [Budget: $50]

    Goal: Looking for someone to make a cover image for a fanfic I am writing entitled as "FRJ: Steven Universe arc Rewrite". Budget: $50. Idea for cover image: my gemsona, Charcoal Mythril, wielding his weapon (artistic freedom between long-arm and/or talismans) in some battle-ready stance while...