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  1. Raever

    A thread for the inner weeb in us all...

    Talk about anime and Manga or whatever. Likes, dislikes, recommendations, thoughts. I only ask that you keep things civil and put spoilers where necessary. Have fun ~ I know that nearly everyone and their mother has seen this, but if you haven't watched Hellsing Abridged you haven't experienced...
  2. Ravofox

    Help the user above you cool off!

    G'day everyfur! As most of us would know, this Summer's been an absolute scorcher for those in the Northern Hemisphere (South rulz, winter baby:cool:). So, I thought why not all band together and help the furry above you to receive some cool relief from the heat!:D Can include anything, from...
  3. M

    Ventilation fans

    I've never suited, or built a suit before for that matter, but Im good with electronics and have spare fans. How much of a difference do those little pc fans make for cooling a suit head?
  4. G

    Any Off-White fans?

    This is probably the most amazing graphic novel I’ve ever read (other than Bone, which I have to get back into). So I wondered if any of you guys are fans? So here’s the Off-White appreciation thread! OFF-WHITE | webcomic (here’s their site if you want to give it a read. Warning though...
  5. KitKatChunKiss

    New Discord server for 3D artists/fans

    HiHi everyone! ^^ I decided today to make my own discord server to share my passion for 3D furry artworks with other 3D lovers. I feel that the 3D Artists community in the furry community is pretty small, and it is usually pretty hard to find others with the same passion. Which is why I decided...
  6. InfinityZ

    Any Evanescence Fans Here?

    I only found just one friend that is an Evanescence fan, and i'm so digging with their new album a lot. Are there any furries out there that know this band and listen to them as well? You can post your favorite Evanescence's songs down below as well. :3
  7. Voodooracer84

    Any Mona fans online?

    Hello there and welcome back. I just got done faving two Mona pics by Speeds and I was wondering if there are any Mona fans online?. I'm a huge fan of Mona from the WarioWare series and I even have her as my waifu of choice. However, there doesn't seem to be that many Mona fans here on...
  8. Tobia-SIN

    Any Divergent fans here?

    WARNING: THERE COULD BE SPOILERS FOR WHO THAT HAVEN'T SEEN/READ THE SERIES. While the fA site is under a read only mode, I was wondering if there was any Divergent/insurgent/allegent fans here. I just want to chatter about Divergent. XD I haven't seen a Divergent thread here on fAF, so why not...