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fantasy races

  1. Quills And Spades

    Commissions starting at $10! (SFW and N/SFW) {2 slots open}

    Howdy!! I'm Hedgie and I've finally gotten around to announcing my commissions on here, below are my major commission types, if you're interested in my work but want to see the other commission types I've got visit my FA and check my commission info, I specialize in Pokegirls but I'll do most...
  2. Zetsuboupuppet

    Zetsu's Commissions (Ref Sheets, Illustrations, Icons...)

    Hello! I'm Zetsu, graduated art student who's currently going through a bachelor of animation, specializing in 3D character animation. I'd be glad to work for you, if you have any project in mind! Make sure you read my ToS at the top of this thread! Contact me through this thread or through the...
  3. Ypher

    Digital Artist Available for Work

    Hello! I'm open for commissions. I do lots of fantasy themed art, but I can adapt my style for any of your needs. I also accept a large variety of themes! Categories and Info Some of My Work Email: yaraferreira@gmail.com Don't be afraid to ask anything if you have any question! I'll be more than...
  4. Rant

    Life in Astriel

    ((Ok so cut me some slack I only just got to sit down and work on this today has been rough. Is the title ok? I feel like it needs to be cooler....)) (INTRO) Winds cried a mournful howl outside the large stained glass window. The image immortalized in colorful glass long forgotten by the quiet...
  5. somesharpteeth

    Fos's YCHs ☆ (NSFW & SFW)

    I've taken an interest in trying YCH auctions and figured I would make a thread on the forums where I can advertise them. Currently I have one NSFW/MATURE YCH open: NSFW YCH: Special Seat This YCH is open to humanoid/kemonomimi style characters only. (Basically that means they need a generally...