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fantasy roleplay

  1. DeerDude

    Looking for D&D Players

    I'm looking to for a small group of 4-5 players interested in taking part in a few D&D 5e modules/dungeon-crawls. Hoping to run the game sometime in the early afternoon (PDT) with 3-4 hour sessions with the day of the week being up in the air depending on what everyone's schedule is. Planning...
  2. Felix Bernard

    Looking for someone open to a new experience!

    I want someone who is on the higher end of literacy in the English language, male or female is fine, and most preferably 18+ I want to invent a “steampunk” furry equivalent world which takes place in the mid-1800s London, England. I take the character role of a Westminster Presbyterian...
  3. C

    Roman gets captured by a "barbarian" tribe and then lives with them [Fantasy RP]

    i saw some artwork that got my gears spinning, and sure i might do a lot of roman stuff but itd be fun to get captured and growing to live together with my captors or whatever. could be a tribe of wolves or whatever. tribe of bloodthirsty fluffy bunbuns, i dont care! im open to suggestions...