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  1. KhramChee

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open (Two Slots - US$15 - 50)

    Hey there! I have two slots open! Payment methods: PayPal Refund policy: If art wasn't done yet = 100% refund. If I started working on it = 70% refund. If art is done = None. Check out my social media for more examples of my art! Baby Girl Chee (@KhramChee) on Twitter My Telegram Channel...
  2. PiperSpeedwell

    Hiring: Need a commission completed B4 April 5th - $150 budget

    *Edit. As of today (3/15) I have contacted an artist for my piece. If things don't work out I will return here and update the post. Hello artists. I am trying to find someone who can commission a full color campfire scene for me with a quick turn-around. I'm trying to get this done before...
  3. StarKitt3n

    (Commission) Selling: 24 Hour Fullbodies - $20 Starting

    ***************DONE WttITHIN 24 HOURS OF PAYMENT!!!!!!*************** $20 per character. +15 extra character Up to 2 characters per slot MAX. Slots: 3/3! Comment to claim! MORE Examples: www.furaffinity.net: [C] - Blackpelt by StarKitt3n www.furaffinity.net: [C] - JessicaBelle by...
  4. BattyBunni

    (Commission) Selling: $10 USD Fully Finished Bust Commissions

    Hello! I'm offering $10 bust commissions, payable through paypal. I do anthro and human characters, and am willing to do just about any species! I can also do NSFW. Note me on FA if you're interested, please! Userpage of BattyBunni -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Try to have references on hand...
  5. Wilarose

    HQ REALISTIC Digital Commission

    ✳Wilarose's HQ Commissions✳ ✩ Less than 5 day turnaround!✩ HumansAnthrosPets ━━━━━━━━▶✖◀━━━━━━━━ ☆I'm currently open for☆ HQ headshots for $30 - (7 slots) Takes 2 - 3 working hours to complete Usually done in one sitting Approximately 900 × 900 pixels HQ phone wallpaper for $40 (5 slots)...
  6. thesolarwinds

    Iron Artist >>> Round One Open!

    www.furaffinity.net: Iron Artist >>> Experimental Style by thesolarwinds Hello Fluff Butts! I have been wanting to try one of these again for a minute, but haven't seen too many users doing them still. But here goes!! I will be doing one of these a day, or more depending on my other...
  7. Mosie


    LOOK AT ME! Someone made my sona so perfectly I'm in awe :3 mamasaurus on deviantart is anyone is wondering, I'm so glad she opened these back up!
  8. fralea

    ✿ chibis ✿

    I can do human, furry, taur, etc, etc. Just not ferals this time. Lines: $12 Colour: $20 NSFW: +$2 Add character: +50% (prices are in USD and don't include tax) Wingit style. You can give an activity/hobby or a description of character personality which I will use to make the pose. There will...
  9. Darklunac

    Lunatic's commissions 5$ to 100$ CA$ (ref, icons, ych)

    I have new price lists! Even big commissions rarely take more than a week to be compleated. I send wips for the sketch with 36hr unless I'm extreamly busy Also, I'm starting to do fursuit parts! Badges are printed, laminated and shipped to you with a badge clip. an extra 3$ fee applies if...
  10. 8

    7$-50$ Cartoony Commissions (NSFW/Kink Commissions Welcome)

    Hi there, I'm momo! If you want to commission me, just email me (mayanayamaya@gmail.com) or PM me so we can discuss it! Some examples of my NSFW art: x x x x If you're curious about what kind of kinks I am OK with drawing, just ask! I am generally OK with anything as long as it's not underage...
  11. L

    Hiya Folks, Lawkie is OPEN for business!

    Hi guys! I am open for commissions all my prices can be seen here: Commission Info for Lawkie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I am very interested in doing reference sheets and am currently offering either a free extra headshot or a free 'mature' version for this batch of commissions as an incentive...
  12. Wolf-Snipe

    Any fur here play Xonotic?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some furs to play Xonotic(open-source, quake-style FPS) from EU. I play only duels, so if someone interested send PM on FA[i doubt you'll have any problem with finding me there ;) ]
  13. HNGcommissions

    Commissions - Speed Paint Style starting at $10

    Commission Plans Colored Bust $10 Busts, from shoulders-up. Colored lineart, fully shaded and colored, simple background, and transparent background. +$10 additional interactive character (ie; kissing busts of two characters, vertical mirror, back to back, or something equally creative) +$10...
  14. TwistedTeeth

    Cheap Commissions / Quick Turnaround

    Hey all, looking to fill up queue for the first two weeks of October. If you get something you will get it on the day you're queued up for (if you're queued for Monday you'll gave it by Monday night, etc). Right now I'm taking two or three pics per day. Recently just lowered my prices on...
  15. C

    Doing busts/head drawings

    Doing art of your fursona's head! I accept anything canid, I might accept something feline. Please note that I will not draw heads that are all white, as you will get something very poor if I try to make one. I'm unavailable on the first 3 days of the week, so if you give me a request, expect it...
  16. shelagal

    5$ Sketch Commissions <3

    Hey all! I'm doing 5$ sketch commissions like the ones below! I'm trying to save all of my regular paychecks to put a downpayment on my next apartment (my lease ends here in a month) so this will help me eat, haha I use paypal but I prefer square cash, and I will draw anything. Most pieces...
  17. pyrist


    If there is anything you want that you don't see here, feel free to email me or note me on my profile. I will be able to give you a price and some examples. You can see additional examples in my gallery here. Hello! I love to work with clients and make them happy, and I love art more than...
  18. houseofthefly

    KENNY'S commissions!

    hello! i would like to offer my artistic services. prices are negotiable and depend on the level of detail you desire. please PM me if you are interested! SIMPLISTIC SCENES estimated cost: $25-$85 USD REF SHEETS (traditional or digital) estimated cost: $30-$75 USD PORTRAITS estimated...