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fat furry

  1. CatCookie

    Tips on writing weight gain

    Heyo there, I have been wanting to get into writing. Do you all have tips on what sells weight gain stuff? Like what makes it more real, what brings it across well, what's important to describe, how do you differiante between someone at normal size and someone e.g. nearly immobile etc?
  2. CatCookie

    Looking for Pokémon (mystery dungeon) weight gain RP (Feeder Partner or mutual)

    Hi, I have a huge interest in Roleplay things where my shinx gets fat, either mainline Pokémon related or Mystery dungeon. would want things to focus on their gains and struggles related to that,not just eat, sleep, eat. Like how does weight affect training, show what the effects of it...
  3. DiamondVoid

    Fat Furs Discord Server

    New and improved! Out with the old, in with the new! Hey everybody, my name is Drax! I run a server for fat fur enthusiasts but it is also open to anyone else who would like to join! Join the Fat Furs Discord Server! If you have any questions please ask!
  4. DiamondVoid

    Fat Furs Discord Server

    Hello, everyone. I posted a link to my Discord server around a year ago I believe, and it has grown into a pretty nice place since then. This server is targeted towards those who have an interest in fat furries, but is also open to anyone else who wants to join. We have SFW and NSFW roleplay...
  5. DiamondVoid

    Fat Furs Discord Server

    Hello all~! I’ve made a fatfur discord server a while back and am interested in seeing it grow some more. Join if you’d like: Join the Fat Furs Discord Server!
  6. H

    Looking For A Female RP Partner (Fat Furry)

    I'm looking for a girl into fat furries to RP with. Message me if you're interested! Skype: Astro Husky (I'm the one with this profile picture) www.dropbox.com: yes.jpg
  7. Q

    a really tubby maine coon

    hello everyfur! I was hoping a kind artist could help me out by drawing my ideal fursona. my character's a maine coon cat, she's dark grey with bubblegum pink markings. picture a swirling striped pattern on her belly. she's really tubby. hoping someone is willing to help me out. also, i'm...
  8. DiamondVoid

    Weight Gain RP anyone?

    Anyone into weight gain at all? I was thinking something where I get fed and gain weight over time. There could be some belly cuddling too.
  9. Zydama

    I wanna make some fluffy friends ovo

    Hey there! I'm Jenn, Zydama on FA and on DeviantArt. Honestly I just came to the forums because I'm lonely AF. I see all these great artists with big friend circles and I want to get in on that! The novelty of just chatting and trading art between friends is this sweet dream I'm reaching for...
  10. ClericBeast

    Fat Furry RP?

    Im new here and looking to find a role play pal. Im a fat furry and would like to rp with someome with similar interests. You can find me on here, skype and on my furaffinity page! ^^