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faux fur

  1. Rolo333

    I cant seem to find the right fur (First time making a fursuit)

    I cant, for the life of me, find fur for this guy! www.deviantart.com: Braxton Ref sheet 2018 theres just no long pile dark brown and long pile medium brown fur out there :/ I have checked so many sites I dont want bad quality fur either, and it seems thats the only way to find it.. could you...
  2. Keykaye

    Brown fur color bleeds out

    So i made myself a set of digi deer legs using brown faux fur and washed them today in our tub with dye and scent free detergent for a few minutes before rinsing them and letting them dry out on my porch. I noticed some of the white fur having a now red/brown hue that came out with brushing, but...
  3. Kuro_the_Cat

    How to hide "bald" patches of fur?

    Hello! Recently I made some paws. I had to use some cheaper fur because I'm new to suit creation and I don't want to become absolutely broke if anything went wrong. But I can't tell if it's shedding or if it's just where the fur has been turned over on itself. The problem is that the fabric...
  4. B

    Poseable Art Doll | "Joseph"

    Looking to sell a OOAK Poseable art doll. He is my first ever anthro doll! -He is about 11 inches tall and is free standing. -He is covered in soft faux fur and has a yarn weft tail. -Has hand-made glass cabochon eyes. -Hand-sewn. -Hand-sculpted head, hands, and feet. NOT resin! Made of strong...
  5. Tizri777

    Selling commissions for custom tails

    T.A.I.L.S. by Tizri is about making custom furry products! From Tails to collars and eventually fursuit commissions, we focus on quality items and satisfied customers. Today we offer custom tail commissions, just post below or message me at Userpage of Tizri777 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net for...
  6. Z

    Could someone help me find this color of faux fur?

    I am trying to find some faux fur similar in color to this(hex code add8be) I can't seem to find any green faux fur that is light enough or muted enough. I want something pastel and not that vibrant. I also want it to be at least 2" preferably longer.
  7. Kanrei

    Crowdfunding for faux fur in Germany

    Hope it is ok to post that here. We have at the moment a crowdfunding for faux fur, which we want to sell in Germany. Fake fur by Kitty Fluff - Crowdfunding project - startnext.com I think this is interesting for fursuit makers in Europe, since there are not that many options to get faux fur...