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  1. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Favorite childhood theme song question

    Posted here by permission from Wcher999 of DeviantArt Wcher999 User Profile | DeviantArt : What TV show theme song from your childhood still puts a smile on you face even today? Here are a few of mine:
  2. C

    Favorite Christmas movie

    Christmas is almost here, so how about we get in the holiday spirit by sharing our favorite Christmas movies One of my favorites is Tokyo Godfathers This movie tells the story of three homeless persons who during Christmas night happen to find a baby amongst the trash. They decide to look...
  3. Mr-Rose-Lizard

    Favorite Halloween song?

    Just a simple straightforward question: what is your favorite Halloween song? Here's mine:
  4. FluffyShutterbug

    Favorite Fursuiter?

    Probably not the first time this has appeared here, but what's each user's favorite fursuiter? Mine is Firefly Wolfy!
  5. S

    What are your favorite Movies?

    Hello Everyone, so what would you say is your favorite movies? it could be any kind you like :)
  6. Rap Daniel

    Post your favorite quotes from video games, or TV!

    I'll begin. "Quit scratching your ass and approach the enemy!" - AWACS Bandog, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown "HEY!!!" - Every LEGO figure, every LEGO commercial
  7. Yakamaru

    Favorite piece of art you've received and/or commissioned?

    I think we have a thread like this buried in the archives, but I am not fond of throwing a level 10 Necro on threads, so I will make a new one. This is a general thread for art you've received in general, be it through a commission, gift, winning a raffle, etc. Note: This thread can also be a...
  8. V

    The Umbrella Academy Thread

    This is the thread we can talk about The Umbrella Academy that is available on Netflix. It's a superhero Netflix Original that's based on the comics made by Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. Here are a few questions: 1. Who is your favourite character and why are they your favourite? 2...
  9. Firio Zifirion

    What's your favorite music track?

    I was just wondering what type of music people listen to.. So thats why I made this post...
  10. A

    Favorite Multiplayer/Co-op Games

    New or old, multiplayer or co-op, any system. What are some of your favorites? For me it's gotta be Borderlands 2, Diablo 2, and Fortnite.
  11. B

    User Favorites

    About Favorites on site, I guess that will be interesting if have some way to search or a kind of filter. We have the example of DeviantArt, were user creates directories for your favorites.
  12. Zezel

    What your favorite environment?

    For myself I would have to go with deserts and mountains
  13. Sunburst_Odell

    What's Your Favorite Piece(s) of Artwork You've Ever Recieved of Your Sona/OC?

    Like the title says: what's your favorite drawings you've gotten of your fursonas or characters, be it a gift, commission, art trade, request, or otherwise? I love all of his art, but, of my fursona, it has to be this or this picture that's my favorite. I also love all the artwork I get of my...
  14. mspheo

    Favorite and least favorite foods?

    I keep racking my brain for foods I don't like, because I literally love all foods under the sun, the more colorful it is, the better! (radishes, bell peppers, broccoli, etc.), from vegetables to tofu to french fries. <3 I can't stand canned spinach, however. Fresh/frozen? Totally okay! But...
  15. G

    Favorite anthropomorphic animal(s)?

    So I realized that whilst browsing through art, I tend to have species preferences (some species do look better anthropomorphized than others). Do you have species preferences? Any species you don't like? My favorite most certainly, has to be wolves. No doubt, they are the best :p However I...
  16. KittenCozy

    Favorite Cookies!

    I like chocolate chip cookies as much as the next person, but it's good to be reminded of all the other flavors out there. I personally love a good snickerdoodle, but we shouldn't neglect maple brown sugar.... ; ) What flavors does anyone else like?
  17. Impulse-8

    Most favorite Lets Players?

    I'd say my favorites on YouTube include: 1. My first LPer, ScottishDuck17 (On "Resident Evil Code: Veronica") 2. Slowbeef (On just about anything, particularly "Dead to Rights") 3. Blattymeow (On his excellent "Hitman: Codename 47" LP) With the honorable mentions being: ~AuzzieGamer (All of...
  18. Impulse-8

    Favorite FurAffinity Artist?

    What is your at-the-moment or all-time favorite artist on FA? I like the works of many artists, but I would say my favorite is Sefeiren. I love their artsyle and how colorful most, if not all, of their works are. I wanna squeeze the cheeks out of everything this artist makes. Even the gay...
  19. S

    Question Regarding Fave-lists:

    On fA, is there a way to view who has favorited particular submissions? If not, out of curiosity, why isn't this option available? From what I've seen, it used to be an option on fA (along with it generally being something that's viewable on other sites).
  20. Agatha-Hart

    Favorite Colors/Patterns for Horse-sona?

    Weird question, I know, but I'm putting together a line-up of OCs to feature in YCHs and other artwork and one of the characters I've got in the works is a horse-sona. He's a Clydesdale, so normally I would go with brown, but a number of the other characters are brown (my line-up includes a...