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  1. Thou Dog

    Tracking traffic on submitted works?

    Hello, folks, Did we formerly (~10 years ago) have a tool to look at the distribution of views and favs over time? I'm remembering this (and not seeing how to get the info) on FA, but I just want to be sure it actually was a feature and not just a dream I misremembered as fact. Thank you for...
  2. quizzical

    Main Site FA Favs, an open-source extension for subscribing to favorites feeds

    Hi everyone! I'm sharing a small, free, open-source browser extension for Firefox and Chrome I developed to subscribe to the favorites of other users. The extension pulls favorites from a list of users that you've added, pooling all the favorites into a common feed and showing the new ones since...
  3. KesTheWolf


    It doesn't sit right with me when I submit pieces I commissioned from other artists to my page. The artist put their blood and sweat into the piece, I want the views to go to their submission. I think it would be better if we could organize our favorites to display them in folders similar to...
  4. Cynicallia


  5. Slimshod

    Main Site Script for favoriting submissions

    I've looked through this forum already and only found a couple threads on this topic but they didn't have anything conclusive in them. I'm looking to see if it's possible to create a script to favorite the submissions in your notification. I manually delete the posts I don't want but that leaves...
  6. SummonTheElectorCounts

    Main Site User Favorites & Possible Manipulation for Views

    Forgive the ignorance of a sweet summer child, but I've just become active again on FA for the first time in a decade, creating a new account and posting content to it. In the process I've noticed that some users who favorite my works don't have any content listed under 'Favorites' on their user...
  7. D

    What tv shows can your sona binge watch?

    What is your sona binge watching on the weekends? Or if they don't live in a world with TV what is their favorite book or legend or whatever? Dexin likes a good mix between action adventure and feel good comedy. So his go to binge shows are Chuck, Lost In Space (2018), and Fuller House.
  8. Aika the manokit

    Favorite Pokemon

    What are your favorite Pokemon? Or just anything in Pokemon you adore. Example categories. Cutest Coolest Beautiful Favorite type(s) Your go to Pokemon Pokemon you think are cute that others don't Don't let the categories limit your response, just let loose with with your Pokemon knowledge...
  9. Trevorbluesquirrel

    PC Favorites Problem!

    I'm running Windows 7, Internet Explorer 11. Recently, I had to temporarily disable Internet Explorer, and reset some of the features afterward! Well, their's one I couldn't get to work properly again, the Star Icon on the top right that says ''VIEW FAVORITES, FEEDS, AND HISTORY!'' It used to...
  10. chuckfiala

    Which is more important, Views or Favorites of your Furaffinity posts?

    One sort of fetish that I draw gets more views than anything else I draw. But, my slightly more conservative drawings get more faves. Any ideas why this might be?
  11. Firio Zifirion

    What's your favorite music track?

    I was just wondering what type of music people listen to.. So thats why I made this post...
  12. E

    Games You'd Like to See Remade/Remastered

    With the Okami HD rerelease out and the Shadows of the Colossus remake soon to follow, I'm feeling a bit spoiled for games I loved before coming back out on better systems. Are there any old games you'd like to see remade or remastered for the current gen of consoles? Or just upgraded to fully...
  13. FuzzyNuggets

    Questions about viewing favorites.

    On FurAffinity, I've noticed that I'm unable to see certain user's favorites when I try to access them. Of course, with other users, I can see all of their favorites. Basically, I'm wondering 1) why that is, and 2) if there's a way for me personally to make it so my own favorites on my account...
  14. daeofthepast

    Folders for Faves??

    hi i'm pretty new to FA(left years ago and came back) so i still don't know how to work a lot of things how do you make folders for your favorites?? or is there a different way to better organize my favorites?? :0
  15. S

    Question Regarding Fave-lists:

    On fA, is there a way to view who has favorited particular submissions? If not, out of curiosity, why isn't this option available? From what I've seen, it used to be an option on fA (along with it generally being something that's viewable on other sites).
  16. Guilleum2

    What's your favorite thing to cook?

    I don't really love to cook, but sometimes I'll make nibbles. My favorite thing to bake is this: Apple roses. Apples and pastry. So yummy. Green apples are better for cooking though. Food coloring is your friend if you want presentation.
  17. Agatha-Hart

    What are your favorite uncommon furs?

    I feel like almost every fursona I see are wolves, foxes, dogs, or cats, and that's perfectly fine, but I'm just curious, if those weren't an option, what would you guys say are your favorite furs? What uncommon furs do you guys think are cute/cool/sexy?
  18. Rmania

    What is your favourite place that you have travelled to?

    It can be anywhere, it can be close to home or another country. Why is it your favourite place? :)
  19. DumbDeerGurl

    What is your Favorite 90's dance track?

    As the title implies, what's your favorite 90's electronic dance track? I'll go first :
  20. colorado_jones

    Favorite games and... Go!

    What's your favorite games to play?? I personally love the souls series and metroid and Zelda haha