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  1. E

    Main Site Filter galleries and favourites by content type (stories/art/photography etc)

    The advanced search has an option to filter results based on the type of content. Using that filter, you can limit the search results to only include stories, or only include visual art, and I find that feature really useful. Is it possible to do the same when viewing a user's gallery, or when...
  2. Awoos the Plush

    The favourites page interface sucks

    Since FA is redesigning it's website anyway, I have one little suggestion for an update: Change the interface of the "favourites" page on profiles. the current interface works really crappy, because: It isn't organised in pages like page #1 or page #2, instead the pages are sorted like 1 day...
  3. Shadowprints

    Favourite films?

    I figure this thread would be a good idea to share some movies that we might like. I really like thrillers and story driven dramas. Here's a few I'd definitely suggest to you guys. This one is about a fathers daughter and her friend who get kidnapped. The parents of the missing kids decide to...
  4. M

    Better favourites functionality

    I think it might be good to improve favourites as: 1. There is no way to search through your favourites - someone may have a lot of favourites, for example: 678. If a person wanted to go through their own favourites to find something they specific, they have to search through every single page...
  5. S

    Question Regarding Fave-lists:

    On fA, is there a way to view who has favorited particular submissions? If not, out of curiosity, why isn't this option available? From what I've seen, it used to be an option on fA (along with it generally being something that's viewable on other sites).