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feature request

  1. Jojer

    Filtering YCH/Adopt/Reminder Material

    Just as there is an option to filter “streams” in journal submissions, I’ve been desperate for a feature that allows the user to either filter YCH/Adopt/Reminder submissions and journals *or* make a separate submission category for YCH/Characters for sale. When I first started noticing a...
  2. obakawaii

    Folders for Favorites

    Could this be a feature we see any time soon? I often use this feature on DA, as I can separate tutorials, inspirational art, gift art, etc. so I can easily come back to my favorites if I ever need them. However, here I often try to only favorite things I REALLY enjoy, because otherwise I could...
  3. Dracowhale

    Search Feature Request: Search Gender and Species Field

    You can use Search to read Titles, Filename and Keywords, but why not the Gender, Species or even the Category? (Ex: @Species Gorilla, @Title Part1, @Gender Group) Would also help if you search for 2 letter words. "Po" from Kung Fu Panda is currently unsearchable because of the limitations, as...