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  1. B

    Forum Images in our Signatures!

    I joined this site after they stopped being a thing here so I'm happy I can now enjoy the feature like others used to. I don't think many users are aware that they can do this now so I figured I'd make this little thread to inform people since I don't think site staff have (unless I missed it)...
  2. E

    Main Site 3D tag Search gives null

    "There are no search results for your query." We would appreciate for responsible personnel to look into it :' )
  3. FurryGuardian816

    Main Site Groups

    This may be a bit far-fetched at the current time, but it would be grand to have groups on FurAffinity much like DeviantArt has. It would give users a foreground solution to discover art & artists as opposed to just using accounts & favorites.
  4. Uluri

    PA Artists, Get Your Art Featured in Virtual Reality?

    I hope this is where this post goes. I'm signal boosting for artists to have their artwork featured. Also, let your other PA friends know about this. ^ Please Go HERE for the Gallery Feature^ My friend is hosting an Art Gallery in VR (Virtual Reality), and is looking for Pennsylvania artists...
  5. S

    [BETA] No Back or Next Buttons When Viewing Art In Gallery??

    So I recently changed to the BETA version of FA and I can't believe it's not being advertised on the front page to let people know it's even there and to try it out. Because it's pretty damn amazing. It just feels so much more modern and is just overall a more visually pleasing set up. And yet...
  6. Lapu

    Forced Unwatching

    Hello, I was just wondering if there was anyway to force a user or group of users to unfollow your own account. I'd prefer it all together if I didn't have anyone following me on my FA account, but even I block, then unblock the account, the user is still watching me. Blocking and unblocking...