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  1. ZoruaAdventures

    Modern mode missing features?

    I changed over to modern layout for a few days and had to change back, i was wondering if it was purposely or accidentally missing features, there is no mini gallery like in classic to see posts in order they where posted like in classic, i like i can see random pics from them but i cant view...
  2. driftingdragon

    Want to be in a comic?

    Hi everyone! Driftingdragon here. Just trying to prod the general public for what they think about some stuff. So I'm working on a really big comic, Here! (Prologue+chapter 1 sketches) I want to know you guy's advice on this? What would make this comic stand out as something you want to be...
  3. driftingdragon

    Appear in a comic! (Lucky: Prologue+Ch1 Sketches)

    The FULL prologue is located right OVER HERE! So come check it out! And come here to support the comic! A completely paywall free experience, completely apart from personal commissions etc, AND you get to view COMIC WIPS! As well as even APPEAR in the background for as low as $15/mo~...
  4. M

    How much is too much?

    Hello all, I'm still slowly but surely designing my fursona species, but I'm curious to know what number of features are too much. (Color, scale/fur patterns, horns, fins, fur, etc.) Just don't want to add too much and/or regret leaving something out going forward.
  5. Kyoukiaoitatsu

    How to Delete a Poll?

    Is this a feature and I'm just happening to miss the delete button? I'd like to delete a poll in one of my threads in order to post a new poll or just remove it completely. Is there a way to do this. Thanks for any help on this!
  6. Ciderfine

    FA's search function is broken

    Exactly what the title says. The main issue is that artists have stopped tagging and we have a huge flood of artists wrongly tagging their submissions in every way as well as the alien search function that keeps using such strange terms (ways) to help someone find something. I've had...