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  1. 00099988drak

    Commission that will take £ or $

    Head shorts - £5/$6.50 half body - £10/$13 Full - £15/$20 Extra character Head shorts - £8/$10 half body - £15/$20 Full - £20/$25 10% off if one of my OC is included example: Extra panel, 40% off the original price I mostly do furries, but can try humans, and NSFW just not the best at it...
  2. korsk4life

    [Hiring] ($100+) Artist Wanted for Slapstick Inspired Fetish Images

    Hello there! Hope you're all having a fine 2022. This is probably a long shot but, well, I'll get straight to it, I'm looking for an artist to draw some images for me with the caveat that it will be finished in the next 24 or so hours. As it is Easter weekend, I'd love to hire someone to do...
  3. korsk4life

    Hiring - Artist For Female Foot-Focused Slapstick Images ($100 +)

    Hey folks! I'm here to offer another quick commission job. If you've seen my posts before, you know what to expect, and although I’m sure some regular artists of mine might be wondering “why didn’t he ask me”, it’s because I’m looking for some new artists to add to my contacts! Here’s what I'm...
  4. korsk4life

    (Hiring $50+) Looney Tunes-style Artist Wanted For Female Slapstick Images

    Hello there! Hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic. As the thread suggests, I'm looking to hire an artist who can draw in the classic Looney Tunes style to do a series of images. The images would show Lola Bunny (preferably in the original Space Jam appearance) experiencing a series...
  5. N

    (Base/YCH) Selling: [Commissions Opened] Foot Pose $50-$90

    Hello, Want your character (any species/male/female) drawn, flashing their feet/paws/hoofs/etc for all to see. Perhaps a bit of a clothes malfunctioning along the way, who knows. Based on the offer price range selected, you can expect to receive the following: $50 (SFW coloured drawing...
  6. korsk4life

    Hiring: [Possibly NSFW. Budget $100 and up] Female Foot Fetish (Slapstick)

    Hey folks! Been a while, but it's me again, here to offer another quick commission job. If you've seen my posts before, you know what to expect. Here’s what I'm looking for: I want to commission someone for two or three full body lineart images with the caveat that they're to be completed...
  7. Mohammed of the worm clan


  8. korsk4life

    Hiring: Artist Wanted For Female Foot-Related Slapstick Commission [$60 - $120]

    Hey folks! How has everyone been in this currently crazy climate we live in? Take care out there! Right, to the business at hand! Or foot I suppose given the topic ahead...If you've seen my posts before, you know what to expect, but here’s what I'm looking for: I want to commission someone for...
  9. K

    Request: sfw paw tickling art request

    So last year I found this really cute animated european tv series called Ernest and Celestine which is based on a series of books and there is also a movie from 2012 which I have yet to see. Basicly it's about a little cute mouse named Celestine and her friendship with a bear called Ernest and...
  10. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Free Art: request nsfw fetish

    Heya I will maybe do one drawing. I will draw boots fetish draw on FA. I need a new user I never draw for. This last can choose one of my ocs.
  11. XionMonro

    Long term, story based lewd romance with paw fetish!

    So I’d love to get something going with my venkat fursona, I’ll post a picture of him. He’s fairly easy going and not the most smooth guy around but he’s cute and he’s funny. Looking to get something going with a a dragon, shark, raptor, stuff like that... scalies. Prefer a female, m2f trans...
  12. PancakeAnt

    Ant Boy Seeking Master! (OOC/RP/FEET)

    Hello! My name is Pancake, I'm an anthropomorphic ant boy who has a somewhat... strange addiction to feet. If you're wondering at all what I'm about, feel free to check out my f-list or FA listed on my profile. I'm here to try and find a Master, someone who wishes to own me as their 'foot...
  13. Wap

    Plantigrade vs digitigrade

    Hello. What are your opinions on plantigrade vs digitigrade feet? What would your pros and cons for each be? Note: this question only makes sense for animal-like feet, not so much for human-like feet. While i was trying to draw a rabbit or a mouse character (EDIT: and a kangaroo) and i was...
  14. FreyjaShepherd

    Hiring: Looking for FeetPaws!

    Hi there everyone! I commissioned a head and tail already and i'm making the bodysuit and hand paws myself. But, i don't feel confidant enough to make myself feet paws. Is there anyone willing to do this for me? I have canvas shoes already in my proper size that I can send along. They would...
  15. breakfastzone

    (Commission) Selling: YCH Paws! - $10 (or 2 for $15)

    Drawing paw pics for $10 (or 2 for 15 [yes, I know I wrote 2 for 8, but I'm sleepy - it's actually 15 lol]) You'll get the full size version without a watermark. Please be able to provide a reference/detailed description, and please be able to pay with PayPal beforehand! Thanks <3
  16. Tails-Chan


    Em Hotep and Hello! Tails-Chan, Fur, here...offering up some awesome Commission deals! I am in need of some cash due to some misfortune with payday loans so I’m posting my work here in hopes of getting some income going! Firstly, let me link you to my FA page, there you will find prices and...
  17. Rap Daniel

    Do anthro Raptors have feet or paws??

    Because I don't see pads on Rap's faws (what i'm going to call them until I know) yet he stands on his toes like anthro wolves do. Paws or feet?
  18. korsk4life

    Slapstick Inspired Fetish Art (Female, Feline)

    Hello! As the thread states, I'm looking to hire an artist (or artists, as the case may be!) to draw one of my characters in a specific situation. I love to see slapstick foot injuries happen to female characters, I don't know why, it's just always fascinated me for some reason. Essentially...
  19. David Carpenter

    (For a film) Large Crow wings, body, tail & feet

    Hi , My name is David Carpenter. I'm an independent film maker out of LA. I have a short film I'm looking to shoot in November or December and I'm looking for assistance on the creating a large crow costume. Currently I have some one making the head/mask. I'm working with Crystumes, she is...
  20. M

    Looking for Furry X Human Macro Art

    There isn't much Giant Furry and Tiny Human art around here, I mean there is a few but not many. If anyone could send me links to this kind of macrophilia, it would muchly appreciated. Or if there are any artists here who would be inspired to create new pieces with this concept, that would be...