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feline fantasies

  1. Michelle_Lipton

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Tiger druid [SET PRICE] SALE : 25$

    SET PRICE - 50$ 20. 07 - 20. 08 SALE : 25$ ( •̀ ω •́ )✧ You can sell it, but not for more than you bought it. You can change the character as you wish. I don't make any additions to the character. You can do it yourself. You will get: JPEG file without watermark. PNG file without background...
  2. Thataveragedude

    Hiring: looking for a long term writer for my game (NSFW).

    Hello lovely people of the Internet, My name is ThatAverageDude or TAD for short and I'm looking for experienced NSFW writers who're interested in helping me out with my NSFW game called Feline Fantasies. Feline Fantasies is a text based eroge game where the object is to unlock different...
  3. Thataveragedude

    Hiring: Pixel animator SFW ($10 per piece).

    Hi there, I'm ThatAverageDude, I'm creating a game called Feline Fantasies which features a couple of items in pixel format. However, since the game is growing a bit, I figured it'd be fun if these items were animated to give them more life and make them look more appealing. They're meant to be...