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  1. Darknessis

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Reference Sheet Commissions [Open]

    Hey!) I open сommissions for references - start from $ 45 Any kind, any form (feral, anthro). Canids, draconians, felines, ungulates - anything. I take two slots SFW and two NSFW. Location example - suggested: (Side view, back view, head (emotion) and chibi for feral. For anthro, front view...
  2. Birdybirb

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: HQ Feral Designs (5-45usd)

    Hiya have some designs to sell because I have 250+ designs and I need to cut back. Feel free to make any of these anthros. First come, first served (will reserve for up to 48 hours). If these sell well may clear out more. (1.) Runes Doggo Price: 5usd Created by: catbunadopts on DA (2.)...
  3. DR00Lz

    HQ feral commissions are open! starts at 13$

    Im pretty new on the forums, if you are more comfortable to contact me on my main page on deviantart feel free - DR00Lz on DeviantArt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commissions are open! currently 4 people in the queue. I have...
  4. AceofHearts

    Support My Local Animal Shelter?

    Can you please vote for my local animal shelter to win funding from PetCo's charity foundation? Arenac county is votes behind... Unsung Heroes - Petco Foundation My friend David and his wife Catherine are really hard working, good people. David is a dog trainer and teaches dogs French ring and...
  5. J

    Valentines themed Cat Adoptables

    Made some fruit/valentines inspired adoptables! Cupid kitties come with strange heart shaped markings... perfect for Valentine's day! Some info: Paypal only, payment in USD. Winner gets a non-watermarked .png of the front (seen here) and back of the design they purchase. **prices have been...
  6. Lea.Tigris

    Feline Friends United!

    Heya Everyone! I love feline characters, and in a sea of canines, I'd like see how many felines there are! So post your feline 'sona or OC here! :D Or if you don't have one but you're a fan of them, feel free to hang around and bask in the colourful parade of characters that'll (hopefully)...
  7. werewolf-kun

    DISCOUNTED Commissions -- $15-$20 !

    Hey all, I am offering some discounted fullbody and headshot icon commissions! It is $20 for a full body fully colored and shaded piece, and $15 for a headshot icon with full color and shading. Please private message me or comment on this thread if you are interested in snagging a piece! I will...
  8. NingoDingo

    First Batch of Colored Sketches

    Hey all, I'm new here and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but thought I'd try this out anyway. I want to start doing commissions and thought I might get a little exposure just doing some quick colored sketches. I'm also accepting commissions of more detailed work to use as examples for...
  9. Xepheriah

    Looking for Trades

    Possibly interested in doing some art trades with some people. *Please, same level of art as me.* Examples of My Work Other examples can be found in my gallery below: Userpage of xepheriah -- Fur Affinity [dot] net What I Want: I am looking for any of these • Icons • Pixels • Full Body •...
  10. Messenger-Pigeon

    Discount Sketch Commissions!

    I need some money fast so I'm opening my sketch commissions for only $5/500 points(da)! They would usually cost $15 so that's a $10 dollar discount. c: There's only 6 slots open, after that my sketches will cost $15 again. I'm only accepting money/DA points for this. Adding an extra character...
  11. Trishields

    Fifty Percent Off sale all adopts and premades!

    That's right. For this week only, I'm putting all of my premade and adoptable items on sale! This includes more than just adoptables! All of the adopts on this poster are currently available for purchase, as well as a few other items! You can find everything that is 50% off for this week here...
  12. TokageTheBunny


    Hi everyone! I'm selling these adoptables, felines are 12$ and ponies 10$( except for number 7 and 8 that are 14$) C: First come firts serve! If you add 10$ to your order i'll do a flat colored piece of the character you have bought ^^