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female weight gain

  1. frank-rubens

    (Commission) Selling: (SFW & NSFW) BBW/Fat Fetish Commissions ($15-50)

    Hey everyone, I've got some new commissions open. As always these will be similar to my lineart commissions from the past - but will now also be in full color. Below are the prices: Lineart with minimal shading - $15 solo character 2 or more characters - $25+ (base price) Examples...
  2. A

    Looking for NSFW RP over discord. Inflation/WG/preg.

    Hello. Here again. Looking to get a NSFW RP going over discord. I'd prefer some sort of plot going on while we get into shenanigans. I'd like to play the male in a Male X Female pairing. I don't care what gender/sexuality you are irl. Just that the character you play is female and we have a...